Tillie Gray didn’t kill Madison Frank…but everyone thinks she did in this gripping suspense thriller from Sara Walters, author of The Violent Season.

by Sara Walters
‎ Sourcebooks, February 2023
(via Dystel, Goderich & Bourret)

17-year-old Tillie has never hurt anyone and has an expunged juvenile record to prove it. When she and her mother move into the quiet suburb of Willow Creek, Tillie is certain she’s left her old life behind. Especially when Tillie meets Madison, a beautiful, carefree girl from the wealthy side of town. The two form a fast friendship, and by the end of summer, Tillie knows all her secrets. Except when school begins, Madison completely abandons her, and lets her friends mercilessly bully Tillie. Then Madison goes missing. A week later, photos of her bloody body appear online, posted by a profile with Tillie’s name on it. Now, the entire town has Tillie in their crosshairs, convinced she had something to do with Madison’s disappearance… and possible death. To clear her name, Tillie must find out what happened to Madison. But the dark secrets that might prove her innocence could very well destroy her.

Sara Walters works as an advocate for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence in central Pennsylvania. Previously, she worked as a reproductive rights advocate and a college instructor. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of South Florida, and studied children’s and young adult literature while earning her doctorate in education at the University of Tennessee. She believes in the power of storytelling as a voice for survivors, and aims to give space to the stories too often silenced.

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