THE CLIQUE de Rhiannon Barnsley

Exploring the toxic work culture at a top law firm, Rhiannon’s debut is perfect for fans of The Whisper Network or BBC’s Industry

by Rhiannon Barnsley
One More Chapter/HarperCollins, June 2024
(via Mushens Entertainment)

There’s only one way to join their society. If someone leaves, or dies…

High-flying lawyer Sara O’Neil had it all; the career, the money, the prestige.

And then she jumped to her death.

Cassandra Harlow never expected to see her friend fall from their office rooftop. Someone knows what really happened. But the only people who might know the truth are a secret women-only society, Inside, whose promise is to fast-track your career.

But if Sara was part of it and they helped facilitate her rise to the top, could they also be the reason she came crashing down to earth?

Originally from the West Midlands, Rhiannon Barnsley currently lives in London with her boyfriend and her cat Salem. She’s a corporate lawyer by day and her experiences at work inspired this novel. She is a Faber Academy Writing a Novel graduate and loves to write dark and twisty thrillers with a particular focus on women.

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