Perfect for fans of Ace of Spades and The Taking of Jake Livingston, this young adult horror debut is told in dual timelines: following a group of teens as they visit an abandoned school for troubled youth and then return two years later to confront the supernatural evil they awoke there.

by Leon Kemp
HarperTeen, June 2024

Two years ago, Riley visited the abandoned and allegedly haunted religious reform school Dominic House with his boyfriend Ethan, and his best friends Colton and Vee. Ethan never came out. Colton’s leg will never quite heal, Vee is branded as hysterical, and Riley has horrific scars as a reminder of that night. Now at eighteen, Riley hasn’t exactly moved on, but he’s kept away from all things paranormal. Until legendary ghost chaser Jordan Jones shows up with an offer: return to Dominic House with her to film an episode of her Spirit Seekers tv show. Riley may have vowed never to return, but he has unfinished business at Dominic House. With a reluctant Colton and Vee at his side, Riley is determined to find out what happened to Ethan once and for all. But as the night wears on, Riley realizes he isn’t just revisiting the most terrifying night of his life he’s reliving it.

Leon Kemp lives in Melbourne, where they achieved a Bachelor of Arts with a major in creative writing. They hope to continue weaving stories about queer kids surviving both the kindest and cruelest extremes the world has to offer. When not writing, Leon spends most of their time watching, playing, and reading all things horror. TRESPASS AGAINST US is their debut novel.

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