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Gaumont UK fait l’acquisition des droits du thriller DOG ROSE DIRT de Jen Williams

La filière britannique de Gaumont vient d’acheter les droits audiovisuels du thriller psychologique DOG ROSE DIRT de Jen Williams et prévoit de l’adapter en série télé.

Dans le livre, publié en juillet 2021 chez HarperCollins UK, la journaliste Heather Evans retourne dans sa maison d’enfance après le suicide inexpliqué de sa mère, et découvre que celle-ci entretenait depuis des années une correspondance troublante avec Michael Reave, un tueur en série emprisonné depuis plus de vingt ans. Lorsque le corps d’une femme est retrouvé décoré de fleurs, tout comme l’étaient ses victimes, Reave est la seule personne qui pourrait faire avancer l’enquête. Après des années de silence, il accepte de parler à Heather, et seulement à Heather.

‘Masterclass in suspense’ –The Times
‘Will have you up all night with the lights on’ –ELLE
‘Brilliant – filled with tension and twists’ –Sarah Pinborough
‘An unsettling, terrifying thriller’ –Abigail Dean

Les droits de langue française sont toujours disponibles.

DOG ROSE DIRT de Jen Williams

A standalone, chilling thriller about a woman who discovers her late mother had been secretly corresponding with a serial killer for decades.

by Jen Williams
HarperCollinsUK , Publication 2021

When prodigal daughter Heather Evans returns to her family home, it’s for an unhappy reason: her mother Colleen has killed herself, and Heather must pick up the pieces. Sorting through her mother’s belongings Heather makes an alarming discovery – stacks and stacks of carefully preserved letters from the notorious serial killer Michael Reave. The Red Wolf, as the press dubbed him, has been in prison for over twenty years, serving a life sentence for the gruesome and ritualistic murders of several women across the country, although he has always protested his innocence. The police have had no reason to listen, yet Heather isn’t the only one to suddenly have cause to re-examine the Red Wolf murders – the body of a young woman has been found, dismembered and placed inside a tree, the corpse planted with flowers. Just as the Red Wolf once did. What did Heather’s mother know? Why did she kill herself? And with the monstrous Red Wolf safely locked inside a maximum security prison, who is stalking young women now? Teaming up with DI Ben Parker, Heather hopes to get some answers for herself and for the newest victims of this depraved murderer. Yet to do that, she must speak to Michael Reave herself, and expose herself to truths she may not be ready to face. Something dark is walking in the woods, and it knows her all too well.
Ideal for those who read BLACK EYED SUSANS or THE CHALK MAN, as well as fans of Mindhunter and the Ted Bundy tapes.
Jen Williams is an award-winning, very well-reviewed fantasy writer, but this is her debut thriller.