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Un film d’animation bientôt adapté du nouveau roman de Jane Smiley

Le producteur Frank Marshall (Jurassic World, série Jason Bourne) travaillera avec le réalisateur Barry Sonnenfeld (séries de films Men in Black et La Famille Addams, Les Désastreuses Aventures des orphelins Baudelaire) pour adapter en film d’animation le prochain roman de Jane Smiley, PERESTROIKA IN PARIS. La date de sortie n’est pas encore connue.

Publié chez Knopf en décembre 2020 aux États-Unis et à paraître en traduction française aux éditions Payot & Rivages fin 2021, le roman est une fable excentrique pour grands lecteurs mettant en scène une pouliche pur-sang nommée Perestroika qui quitte un jour son étable et se retrouve à errer dans Paris, où elle rencontre une chienne de chasse, un corbeau et un couple de colverts qui l’aident à se débrouiller dans la capitale. Elle fait ensuite la connaissance d’un jeune garçon qui vit avec son arrière-grand-mère dans un vieil hôtel particulier. Une drôle d’amitié se lie entre eux, mais le garçon ne pourra pas cacher la pouliche évadée chez lui pour toujours…

Jane Smiley, lauréate du prix Pulitzer 1992 pour son roman L’Exploitation inspiré du Roi Lear de Shakespeare et membre de l’Académie américaine des arts et des lettres depuis 2001, s’est également vu décerner le PEN USA Lifetime Achievement Award en 2006.

PARAS IN PARIS de Jane Smiley

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Thousand Acres and the New York Times best-selling Last Hundred Years Trilogy, a captivating, brilliantly imaginative story of three extraordinary animals—and a little boy—whose lives intersect in Paris

by Jane Smiley
Scribner, TBD

Paras is a spirited young racehorse living at a stable in the French countryside. One afternoon she pushes open the gate of her stall—she’s a curious filly—and, after traveling through the night, arrives by chance in Paris. She’s dazzled, and often mystified, by the sights, sounds and smells around her, but she isn’t afraid. Soon she meets an elegant dog, a German shorthair pointer named Frida, who knows how to get by in the city without attracting the attention of suspicious Parisians. Paras and Frida coexist for a time in the city’s lush green spaces, nourished by Frida’s strategic trips to the butchery and the bakery. They keep company with two irrepressible ducks, and by an opinionated crow. But then Paras meets a human boy, Etienne, and discovers a new, otherworldly part of Paris: the secluded, ivy-walled house where the boy and his nearly-one-hundred-year-old great grandmother live, quietly and unto themselves. As the cold weather and Christmas near, the unlikeliest of friendships bloom among humans and animals alike. But how long can a runaway horse live undiscovered in Paris? And how long can a boy keep her hidden, and all his own? Jane Smiley’s beguiling new novel is itself an adventure that celebrates curiosity and ingenuity, and expresses the desire of all creatures for true friendship, love, and freedom.

Jane Smiley is the author of numerous novels, including A Thousand Acres, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and most recently, The Last Hundred Years Trilogy: Some Luck, Early Warning, and Golden Age. She is also the author of several works of nonfiction and books for young adults. A member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, she has also received the PEN Center USA Lifetime Achievement Award for Literature. She lives in Northern California.


The first book in a brand-new horse trilogy from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Jane Smiley

by Jane Smiley
Knopf Books for Young Readers, March 2018

Meet Ellen: a spunky—and occasionally misbehaving—young horseback-riding student. In the spring of fourth grade, Ellen’s life feels like a balancing act: she is only allowed to go to riding lessons when she behaves at school and at home. But it’s much harder than it sounds! Ellen has a knack for speaking out of turn in class, and with a new sibling on the way, she can’t resist taking advantage of her parents’ distraction.
Then, on one perfect day—when Ellen has minded her manners— she sees Ned for the first time. Ned is a beautiful colt who used to be a racehorse, until he hurt his leg. They seem to understand each other immediately, and all Ellen wants to do is spend more time with her new friend. But will she be able to keep up her best behavior at school? And will her parents ever let her have a horse of her own?

Jane Smiley is the author of many books for adults, including “Some Luck”, “Horse Heaven”, and the Pulitzer Prize–winning “A Thousand Acres”. She is the author of five “Horses of Oak Valley Ranch” books, “The Georges and the Jewels”, “A Good Horse”, “True Blue”, “Pie in the Sky”, and “Gee Whiz”.

Festival America, les littératures et cultures d’Amérique du nord à l’honneur

La huitième édition du Festival America aura lieu à Vincennes du 8 au 11 septembre. Plus de 50 auteurs participeront à quatre jours de débats et rencontres thématiques.

Voici la liste des auteurs que nous représentons en France et qui seront présents au Festival :

Megan Abbott

Cynthia Bond

Thomas Cook

Tom Cooper

John D’Agata

Karen Joy Fowler

Garth Risk Hallberg

James McBride

Alice McDermott

Stewart O’Nan

Jane Smiley

SOME LUCK de Jane Smiley

Mise à jour du 30 septembre 2014 : droits achetés par les Éditions Rivages

A hundred years passes quickly, but a lot can happen

(The LAST HUNDRED YEARS Trilogy: Book 1)
Jane Smiley
Knopf, October 2014

some luckLife can change in an instant, and as those changes amass over the course of 100 years, something extraordinary happens, history is made. In this masterful novel, Jane Smiley explores the triumphs and tragedies of one family, while casting a panoramic eye on the first half of the twentieth century, a time of monumental change.
SOME LUCK opens on the humble, heavily indebted Langdon family farm in 1920. We meet Rosanna and Walter, their curious, brilliant newborn Frank. Soon the family grows to five children, all wildly different yet remarkable, with such potential to mark history in their own ways. Yet as time passes, as it must, some thrive as others fall victim to flaws and fate. Who will persevere? Who will simply, sadly, be forgotten? With shared joys and hushed secrets, through times of economic and political volatility, SOME LUCK examines the nature of family, character, and how we are all changed by circumstances unforeseen.

A trilogy is a literary feat few writers attempt and even fewer achieve, especially at this virtuosic level. Akin to her Pulitzer Prize-Winning A THOUSAND ACRES, SOME LUCK is brilliant, brave, and will leave you longing for books two and three. Happily, readers won’t have to wait long between installments. Knopf will publish SOME LUCK in October 2014, the second book in March 2015, and the last of the trilogy in August 2015. With a whopping first printing of 75,000 hardcovers, SOME LUCK is certain to be a major literary event.

Jane Smiley is the author of numerous novels, including A THOUSAND ACRES, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, as well as four works of nonfiction. In 2001 she was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters. She received the PEN USA Lifetime Achievement Award for Literature in 2006. She lives in Northern California.