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THE VIPER de John Verdon

Ex-homicide detective and puzzle-solving master David Gurney comes out of retirement to solve seemingly impossible murder cases in John Verdon’s ever-popular thriller series. Blending hard-boiled noir fiction with the pleasures of classic « whodunit » puzzle-solving, Verdon has written a “hero for the ages” (David Baldacci).

by John Verdon
Counterpoint, July 2023
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The bloody finale of Dave Gurney’s previous case has left him and his wife Madeleine shell-shocked and determined to return to normality. But when an old friend comes calling for Gurney’s insight on a cold case, it’s Madeleine who pushes him to lend his thoughts. Try as he might, Gurney can’t resist getting drawn into the murder case—this one, involving a debauched former tennis star and a beheaded corpse. His initial efforts incite fury from both sides of the law: the criminal forces behind it, and the law enforcement personnel who stand to lose everything if Gurney succeeds in uncovering the truth. For the first time in his life, Gurney finds himself on the run but even the risk of losing his marriage, his reputation and his best friend can’t stop his relentless quest for answers. Gurney will learn that justice comes at a great cost.

John Verdon is a former Manhattan advertising executive who lives with his wife in the mountains of upstate New York. His first three Dave Gurney novels, Think of a Number, Shut Your Eyes Tight, and Let the Devil Sleep, are all international bestsellers.

LUMINOUS de Silvia Park

Set in a unified Korea where robots have integrated seamlessly into society, LUMINIOUS is a poignant debut novel for readers of Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go and Karen Joy Fowler’s We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves.

by Silvia Park
‎ Simon & Schuster, 2024
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Adult siblings Jun and Morgan Cho haven’t seen or spoken to each other in several years. Both, in their dysfunctional way, are still processing grief over the sudden loss of their brother Yoyo years prior. Yoyo, designed by their famous father, was the earliest prototype for what the humanoid robots have now become—nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, with profound sensitivity and depth. But while he was a true brother to Jun and Morgan, Yoyo was always bound for a darker purpose, and his absence has left a chasm in the siblings’ lives.
When a neighbor’s missing robot thrusts Morgan back into Jun’s life, neither of them realizes that the investigation will not only force them to confront their fractured family’s past, but it will also see old grudges clash with new revelations, as the three siblings circle each other, their lonely worlds finally collide.

Silvia Park is a Korean/American writer and Visiting Assistant Professor of Fiction at Oberlin College. A graduate of Columbia, NYU, and the 2018 Clarion Workshop, their work has appeared or is forthcoming in Black Warrior Review, Joyland,, and The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, among others.

SUPER BLOOM de Megan Tady

For fans of Emily Henry’s Beach Read and Maria Semple, SUPER BLOOM is a heartwarming and hilarious debut novel about a 30-something massage therapist enlisted by an infamous romance novelist to dish the dirt on the not-so-pristine world of luxury spas.

by Megan Tady
‎ Zibby Books, Summer 2023
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Icing her hands. Grieving her boyfriend. Trying not to get fired. Each day feels the same for Joan Johnston. Her life gets a boost of excitement when a new massage client—Carmen Bronze, a high-maintenance romance novelist—corners Joan into becoming her research assistant for her next bestseller.
Joan’s notes start off as expected—demanding clients, inane spa rules, wacky colleagues— but she soon finds herself journaling about the sudden death of her boyfriend. What’s more, she starts writing their relationship back into existence through a romance novel of her own. But the longer she spends crafting her own fictional happily ever after, the more she risks losing the possibility of that in real life…

Megan Tady is a writer and editor running the company Word-Lift, and her writing has appeared in The Huffington Post and Ms. Magazine, among others. She was a finalist for the 2021 Penguin Random House Student Fiction Award. Megan lives in Western Massachusetts with her family. SUPER BLOOM is her debut novel.

DIE BEAUTIFUL de Buzzy Jackson

A debut novel based on the real and unforgettable life of Hannie Schaft, a young woman living in Nazi-occupied Holland who joined the Resistance, learned to shoot, and executed her Nazi targets with such precision that Hitler nicknamed her « the Girl with Red Hair ».

by Buzzy Jackson
‎ Dutton, Winter 2023
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Hannie didn’t train to be a soldier — her youthful dream was to finish law school in Amsterdam and join the League of Nations. But Hannie’s volunteer work with the Red Cross puts her on the radar of key resistance recruiters, who spot her fearlessness and outrage, recognizing her for the heroine she’ll someday become. As the simmering menace of Nazi-occupied Holland reaches a boiling point, Hannie becomes ever more daring, assassinating powerful Nazis point blank, blowing up munitions factories, constantly improvising with last-minute Resistance orders. She also falls deeply in love at a tremendous cost. But throughout it all, Hannie’s greatest weapon is her determination not to become a monster herself: blijf altijd menselijk. Stay human.

Buzzy Jackson is the award-winning author of three books of nonfiction and has a Ph.D. in History from UC Berkeley. A recent fellow at the Edith Wharton Writing Residency, she is also a member of the National Book Critics’ Circle and writes for the Boston Globe and BookForum. Buzzy grew up in the mountains of California and Montana and now lives in Boulder, Colorado.


A new suspense novel from the Edgar award-winning author of The Caveman’s Valentine.

by George Dawes Green
Celadon/St. Martin’s Press, July 2022
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When matriarch Morgana Musgrove calls upon her prodigal son Ransom to help her with a case, the defunct M. Musgrove & Family Detective Agency is back in business, albeit reluctantly. Tensions rise between the Musgroves and whispers of a mysterious lost “Kingdom”—descendants of the African-American soldiers who fought for King George, and afterwards formed a secret community, refusing to return to slavery—float in the sultry Savannah night. The family of investigators creeps closer and closer to exposing the city’s seedy underbelly, and a depraved history that a powerful few are determined to keep hidden, no matter the cost…

George Dawes Green, founder of The Moth and Unchained, is an internationally celebrated author. His first novel, The Caveman’s Valentine, won the Edgar Award and became a motion picture starring Samuel L. Jackson. The Juror was an international bestseller in more than twenty languages and was the basis for the movie starring Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin. Ravens was chosen as one of the best books of 2009 by the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Mail, and many other publications. George Green grew up in Georgia and now lives in Brooklyn, New York.