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The first-ever collection of stories by New York Times bestselling writer Lily King, including previously published pieces as well as new, original stories.

by Lily King
Grove Press, November 2021

Credit: Laura LewisHailed as “brilliant” (New York Times Book Review) and “wildly talented” (Chicago Tribune), New York Times bestselling writer Lily King has received widespread acclaim for her fiction. Her novel Euphoria (over 500,000 copies sold worldwide) was a breakout success, while, more recently, her novel Writers & Lovers was an instant New York Times bestseller, earned rapturous reviews, and was selected for numerous best of the year lists. Now the inimitable Lily King returns with her first-ever collection, including several never-beforepublished stories. Spanning over two decades of her life as a writer, King’s thoughtfully curated work elegantly explores her trademark themes of love, family, career, and loss.
In these stories, a teenage girl falls in love with her boss’s boyish yet married son. After her husband dies, a mother escapes to the German seaside with her daughter for a holiday she can barely afford, desperate to help the two of them grieve. And a man persists in trying to wake up his teenage granddaughter from a coma—the result of a skiing accident—cooing softly as he holds bottled scents to her nose, hoping the smell of sea water and grenadine will bring her back to him. Through these characters and more, Lily King intimately illustrates the extraordinary emotions that course through ordinary people.
Through galvanizing leaps of faith, heartbreaking conversations with lovers and children, and jolting violence at the hands of old and new friends, this profound, tender collection confirms Lily King as one of the greatest storytellers of our time.

Lily King is the author of the novels The Pleasing Hour, The English Teacher, Father of the Rain, Euphoria, one of the New York Times Book Review’s 10 Best Books of 2014, and Writers & Lovers. She lives in Maine.


The last days of a long youth, a time when everything comes to a crisis

by Lily King
Atlantic Monthly Press March 2020

Casey Peabody has ended up back in Massachusetts after a devastating love affair. Her mother has just died and she is knocked sideways by grief and loneliness, moving between the restaurant where she waitresses for the Harvard elite and the rented shed she calls home. Her one constant is the novel she has been writing for six years, but at thirty-one she is in debt and directionless, and feels too old to be that way—it’s strange, not to be the youngest kind of adult anymore.

And then, one evening, she meets Silas. He is kind, handsome, interested. But only a few weeks later, Oscar walks into her restaurant, his two boys in tow. He is older, grieving the loss of his wife, and wrapped up in his own creativity. Suddenly Casey finds herself at one corner of a love triangle, stuck between two very different relationships that promise two very different futures.

LILY KING is the author of the novels The Pleasing Hour, The English Teacher, Father of the Rain, and Euphoria, one of the New York Times Book Review’s 10 Best Books of 2014 and winner of the Kirkus Prize. She lives with her husband and children in Maine.