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Direct, darkly funny, and profound, Nazlı Koca’s debut novel THE APPLICANT explores what it means to be an immigrant, woman, and emerging writer.

by Nazlı Koca
Grove Press, Winter 2023

It’s 2017 and Leyla, a leftwing Turkish twenty-something living in Berlin, is scrubbing toilets at an Alice in Wonderland-themed hostel in order to stay afloat while awaiting a verdict on her visa status. Having failed her master’s thesis and sued the German university over its decision, she is on the verge of losing her student visa and being forced to return to Istanbul, a city she thought she’d left behind for good.
As the clock winds down on her temporary visa, Leyla meets a right-wing Swedish tourist at a bar one night and—against her political convictions and better judgment—begins to fall in love. Will she choose to live a cookie-cutter life as the wife of a Volvo salesman, or just as unimaginable, return to Turkey to her mother and sister, codependent and enmeshed, the ghost of her father still haunting their lives?
Written in the wry, propulsive diary-form of Rachel Khong’s Goodbye, Vitamin and with the probing selfreflection of Sheila Heti’s novels, Nazli Koca radically and courageously examines one’s place in a deeply uncertain world, examining the bounds of state violence and self-destruction, of social dissociation and intense familial love. A highly original narrative, THE APPLICANT is a stunning dissection of a liminal life lived between borders and identities.

Nazlı Koca is a writer and poet from the Mediterranean coast of Turkey who holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Notre Dame and lives in New York City. She is the recipient of grants from the Nanovic Institute, Soham Dance Space, and United States Artists. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Threepenny Review, BookForum, Second Factory, The Chicago Review of Books, books without covers, among other outlets. THE APPLICANT is her first novel.

WELCOME TO THE GAME de Craig Henderson

From a brilliant new voice, WELCOME TO THE GAME is a gripping thriller that races through Motor City at heart-stopping pace as its protagonists swerve to avoid danger at every turn. Writer and BBC presenter Craig Henderson screeches onto the scene with this fast-paced debut, for fans of Drive by James Sallis, Blacktop Wasteland by S. A. Cosby, and Thomas Perry’s Butcher Boy series.

by Craig Henderson
Atlantic Monthly Press, August 2022

Ex-rally driver Spencer Burnham moved his family from England to Detroit and opened a foreign car dealership, but his life was derailed by the death of his beloved wife. Disconnected from his young daughter and losing control of the cocktail of drugs and alcohol that gets him through the day, he only just keeps Child Protective Services at bay while his business teeters on the edge of bankruptcy.
Then he has a seemingly chance encounter with charismatic but lethal gangster, Dominic McGrath. McGrath employs military strategy in the art of crime, covertly and mercilessly promoting inter-gang rivalry to keep his competitors so busy that they can’t launder their own money. For a hefty percentage, McGrath takes care of this tedious business for them. But McGrath is feeling the squeeze from informants, the rise of tech surveillance, booming gangs from out of state encroaching on their old school Detroit outfit, and a hotshot detective who’s made busting McGrath a personal crusade. For some time he’s been planning a last heist that would allow a comfortable retirement, provided he can find a very special type of driver—one who’s capable, trustworthy . . . and naïve.
To Spencer, McGrath seems heaven-sent. He even pays cash, lots of it. But it comes at a price; Spencer finds himself playing in an arena where rookies don’t last long. Wising up to the ruthlessness behind McGrath’s charming façade, he tries to break free, but McGrath has too much invested to allow him to leave.
As the city swelters in a heat wave, the two men apply their considerable talents to besting each other, while mistakenly assuming they have only each other to beat.

Craig Henderson is a British writer and the presenter of the BBC’s “Books That Made Britain” series. Scottish by birth, he gained an MA in Latin and Ancient History from the University of Edinburgh where he also won two scholarships. WELCOME TO THE GAME is his first novel.


A masterful, adventurous new novel set in nineteenth-century Sudan from Caine Prizewinning, New York Times Notable author Leila Aboulela.

by Leila Aboulela
Atlantic Monthly Press, February 2023

Hailed as “a versatile prose stylist” (New York Times) whose work “shows the rich possibilities of living in the West with different, non-Western, ways of knowing and thinking” (Sunday Herald), Leila Aboulela has been longlisted for the Orange Prize (now the Women’s Prize for Fiction) multiple times, and shortlisted for the Commonwealth Prize and the PEN/Macmillan Silver Pen Award. She has been praised by J.M. Coetzee, Ali Smith, Aminatta Forna, and Anthony Marra, among others, for her rich and nuanced depictions of Islamic spiritual and political life.
Her new novel, RAMMED EARTH, SCORCHED RIVERS, is a searching and deeply necessary look at the complex relationship between Britain and Sudan, Christianity and Islam, colonizer and colonized. Recounting the years leading up to the brutal British conquest of Sudan in 1898, this is the story of British General Charles George Gordon—known as Gordon of Khartoum, he defended the city against the Sudanese during the 1884 siege of Khartoum—and the fight to remove him from power. Told from the varying perspectives of a military rebel, a colonial judge, and a woman enslaved, this historical novel paints a complex portrait of the “tragic Victorian hero” who ultimately proved a disappointment to the Sudanese who trusted him, and an obstacle to the thousands of men and women who—against the odds and for a brief time—gained independence from all foreign rule through their will-power, subterfuge, and sacrifice.
Written from a modern Sudanese perspective, Aboulela’s latest novel examines the trials of war and the dynamism of human courage through the voices of society’s most unexpected heroes.

Leila Aboulela is the first ever winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing. Her novels include The Kindness of Enemies, The Translator (longlisted for the Orange Prize), Minaret, and Lyrics Alley, which was Fiction Winner of the Scottish Book Awards. Her work has been translated into fifteen languages. She grew up in Khartoum, Sudan, and now lives in Aberdeen, Scotland.

WILMINGTON’S LIE de David Zucchino remporte le prix Pulitzer dans la catégorie non-fiction

Publié en janvier 2020 chez Grove Atlantic, le livre de David Zucchino intitulé WILMINGTON’S LIE: The Murderous Coup of 1898 and the Rise of White Supremacy vient de remporter le prestigieux prix Pulitzer dans la catégorie « General Nonfiction ».

WILMINGTON’S LIE porte sur le massacre de Wilmington en Caroline du Nord et les événements ayant mené au renversement violent, par les suprémacistes blancs, du gouvernement municipal élu. Cet événement marqua un tournant dans le durcissement de la ségrégation raciale qui s’imposa dans États du Sud jusqu’à la fin des années 1960. Le livre expose « un ensemble complexe de dynamiques de pouvoir transcendant les problématiques de race, de classe sociale et de genre. »

Les droits de langue française sont toujours disponibles.


In THE SEARCH FOR THE GENUINE, a collection of new and previously published essays, the giant of letters muses on everything from grouse hunting to Zen Buddhism and matters of the spirit…

by Jim Harrison
Grove Press, November 2021

New York Times bestselling author Jim Harrison (1937-2016) was a writer with a poet’s economy of style and trencherman’s appetites and ribald humor. In THE SEARCH FOR THE GENUINE, a collection of new and previously published essays, the giant of letters muses on everything from grouse hunting to Zen Buddhism and matters of the spirit, including reported pieces on Yellowstone and shark-tagging in the open ocean, commentary on writers from Bukowski to Neruda to Peter Matthiessen, and a heartbreaking essay on life—and, for those attempting to cross in the ever-more-dangerous gaps, death—on the US/Mexico border. Written with Harrison’s trademark humor, compassion, and full-throated zest for life, this chronicle of a modern bon vivant is a feast for fans who may think they know Harrison’s nonfiction, from a true “American original” (San Francisco Chronicle).

One of the most interesting and entertaining bodies of work by any writer of his generation.”—Alan Cheuse, Chicago Tribune

Jim Harrison (1937-2016) was the author of thirty-nine other works of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction, including Legends of the Fall, The Road Home, Returning to Earth, and The English Major. A member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and winner of a Guggenheim Fellowship, he had work published in twenty-seven languages.