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LUMINOUS de Silvia Park

Set in a unified Korea where robots have integrated seamlessly into society, LUMINIOUS is a poignant debut novel for readers of Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go and Karen Joy Fowler’s We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves.

by Silvia Park
‎ Simon & Schuster, March 2025
(via The Friedrich Agency)

Adult siblings Jun and Morgan Cho haven’t seen or spoken to each other in several years. Both, in their dysfunctional way, are still processing grief over the sudden loss of their brother Yoyo years prior. Yoyo, designed by their famous father, was the earliest prototype for what the humanoid robots have now become—nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, with profound sensitivity and depth. But while he was a true brother to Jun and Morgan, Yoyo was always bound for a darker purpose, and his absence has left a chasm in the siblings’ lives.
When a neighbor’s missing robot thrusts Morgan back into Jun’s life, neither of them realizes that the investigation will not only force them to confront their fractured family’s past, but it will also see old grudges clash with new revelations, as the three siblings circle each other, their lonely worlds finally collide.

Silvia Park is a Korean/American writer and Visiting Assistant Professor of Fiction at Oberlin College. A graduate of Columbia, NYU, and the 2018 Clarion Workshop, their work has appeared or is forthcoming in Black Warrior Review, Joyland,, and The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, among others.


The International Bestselling author returns with a powerful story about a young woman who can see—and subsequently experience—the emotions of everyone around her, and her own struggle to discover her true colors.

by Cecelia Ahern
HarperCollins UK, April 2023
(via Park & Fine Literary and Media)

Gold is the colour of innocence, green stands for stability, and blue represents sadness. As a child, Alice discovers that she can see other people’s emotions and moods in colours emanating from their bodies. These auras reveal whether someone is telling the truth or lying; happy or secretly close to tears; or filled with rage. Alice sees the best in people but she also sees the worst. She sees a thousand different emotions and knows exactly what everyone around her is feeling. But it’s the dark thoughts. The sadness and the rage that she can’t get out of her head.
Awash in a sea of other people’s emotions, Alice struggles to surround herself with the colours of happiness. At first, nature and the outdoors are her only opportunity to experience some peace. But as she strikes out on her own, a wise neighbor who recognizes Alice’s gift teaches her how to cope with the daily flood of feelings, preparing her for an encounter with a man seemingly without colours. Alice, who once sought to mute the vivid colours around her, finally embraces all the shimmering facets of life for herself.
Emotional and wise, colourful and tender, IN A THOUSAND DIFFERENT WAYS celebrates the joys of being together and the infinite colours of life and love.

Cecelia Ahern was born and grew up in Dublin. Her novels have been translated into thirty-five languages and have sold more than twenty-five million copies in over fifty countries. Two of her books (PS, I Love You and Love, Rosie) have been adapted as films and she has created several TV series. She and her books have won numerous awards, including the Irish Book Award for Popular Fiction for The Year I Met You. She lives in Dublin with her family.


From internationally bestselling crime writer Katia Lief, INVISIBLE WOMAN is the story of a dangerous secret held for too long between estranged best friends and a long marriage that comes apart with devastating consequences.

by Katia Lief
‎ Atlantic Monthly Press/Grove Atlantic, January 2024

Joni Ackerman’s decision to raise children came with a steep cost. Twenty-five years ago, she was a pioneering filmmaker, one of the few women to break into the all-male club of Hollywood feature film directors. But she and her husband Paul had always wanted a family, and his ascending career at a premier television network provided a safety net. They have recently transplanted to Brooklyn, so that Paul can launch a major East Coast production studio, when a scandal rocks the film industry and forces Joni to revisit a secret from long ago involving a powerful man who abused women, including the friend of her youth, Val.

Joni is adamant that the time has come to tell the story, but Val and Paul are reluctant, for different reasons. As the marriage frays and the friends spar about whether to speak up, Joni’s struggles with isolation in a new city and old resentments about the sacrifices she made start to boil over. She takes solace in the novels of Patricia Highsmith—particularly the masterpiece Strangers on a Train, with its duplicitous characters and their murderous impulses—until the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred.

INVISIBLE WOMAN is at once a literary thriller about the lies we tell each other (and ourselves), and a powerful psychological examination of friendship, marriage, and motherhood.

Katia Lief is the author, most recently, of the novels A Map of the Dark and Last Night published by Mulholland Books/Little, Brown under the pseudonym Karen Ellis. Earlier work includes USA Today and internationally bestselling novels Five Days in Summer (a #1 bestseller in Germany), One Cold Night (#1 on Kobo’s UK bestseller list), and The Money Kill, the fourth installment of her Karin Schaeffer series published by HarperCollins and nominated for the Mary Higgins Clark Award. She teaches fiction writing at The New School in Manhattan and lives with her family in Brooklyn.


TINY THREADS de Lilliam Rivera

Black Swan meets The Devil Wears Prada in this creepy horror about fashion, about sexuality as a commodity, and the power wielded by men trying to harness it.

by Lilliam Rivera
Del Rey, March 2023
(via JABberwocky Literary Agency)

After the death of her grandmother, Samara Martín leaves her overbearing Cuban family behind in New Jersey for a job at a once-edgy fashion brand in Vernon, California. Touted as up-and-coming, Vernon turns out to be eerily desolate, made worse by the foul-smelling slaughterhouse near the office.
Trying to navigate office politics by appeasing her volatile boss, Samara throws all her focus into an upcoming runway show. But there are other forces at play; she finds names stitched into garments in the archive that disappear the next day, she starts having visions of a young girl that grow increasingly disturbing—and there’s Brandon Hernandez Murphy, a charming tech investor keen on reinventing Vernon who Samara finds herself drawn to.
Samara starts to hide her increasing instability by drinking more, casting aside her family’s warnings, but when the runway show is a success, the guardrails come off entirely. The afterparty is extreme in all senses: beauty, drugs, and sex—and Samara succumbs to every vice. But her visions aren’t through with her yet. They lead her to a disturbing discovery and a violent confrontation with consequences for both Samara’s world, and the world of the supernatural.

Lilliam Rivera draws upon her experiences as a founding editor of Latina magazine to examine the dark side of glamour and deliver a haunting story. She is also an award-winning writer and author of numerous young adult novels, including The Education of Margot Sanchez, We Light Up the Sky, Never Look Back, and Dealing In Dreams. She is also author of the middle grade Goldie Vance books. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Elle, to name a few. Lilliam lives in Los Angeles.

ESCAPE VELOCITY de Victor Manibo

A dual timeline science fiction mystery about four friends attending their 25th high school reunion aboard a luxury space station, where everyone has hidden agendas and an unsolved murder from their past comes back to haunt them.

by Victor Manibo
Erewhon, April 2024
(via JABberwocky Literary Agency)

Space Habitat Altaire is the premier luxury resort in low Earth orbit, playground of the privileged and the perfect location to host reunions for the Rochford Institute. Rochford boasts only the best: the wealthiest, most promising students with the most impressive pedigrees. Complete with space walks, these lavish reunions are a prime opportunity for alumni to jockey for power with old friends and rivals—and crucially, to advance their applications to live in an exclusive Mars settlement. Earth is dying, and only the best deserve to save themselves.

Aboard the Altaire for their 25th reunion, finance magnate Ava pursues the truth about her brother’s murder during their senior year, which cast a dark shadow over their time at Rochford. Laz, ambassador and political scion, hopes to finally win Ava’s heart. Sloane, collecting secrets to conceal his family’s decline, angles for a key client. And Henry, heir to a healthcare empire, creates an unorthodox opportunity to get to Mars in a last-ditch effort to outrun a childhood secret.

While these erstwhile friends settle scores and rack up points, they fail to notice that other agendas are afoot at the Space Habitat Altaire, and their own futures aren’t the only ones at stake—“the best” will soon regret underestimating those they would leave behind on Earth.

Victor Manibo is a Filipino speculative fiction writer living in New York. A 2022 Lambda Literary Emerging Voices Fellow, he is the author of the science fiction noir novel The Sleepless. His next novel, ESCAPE VELOCITY, comes out in Spring 2024 from Erewhon Books.