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JOHNSON AT 10 d’Anthony Seldon

The definitive account of Boris Johnson’s turbulent time in office by one of Britain’s leading political and social commentators.

by Anthony Seldon
Atlantic, Spring 2023
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After his sudden rise to power in the summer of 2019 amid the Brexit deadlock, Boris Johnson presided over the most dramatic period of British history in almost a century. From the controversial prorogation of Parliament in August 2019 to the Conservative party’s historic landslide victory later that year, the agonising upheaval of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, the Afghanistan crisis, the conflict in Ukraine, and the series of devastating scandals that were ultimately Johnson’s undoing, his premiership has been more explosive than any other in living memory.
In this gripping work of contemporary history, Anthony Seldon, one of Britain’s leading political and social commentators, and co-author Raymond Newell give the first full account of Johnson’s seismic time in office from the summer of 2019 to the autumn of 2022. Based on major interviews with key aides and allies, and full of new revelations, Johnson at 10 is the definitive portrait of the most divisive prime minister since Margaret Thatcher and the latest instalment in Anthony’s bestselling ‘Prime Ministers at 10’ series.

Anthony Seldon is a British educator and historian. He is the author or editor of more than 35 books on contemporary history, politics and education, and is best known for his biographies of recent prime ministers from John Major to Theresa May. He was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham from 2015 to 2020. He is honorary historical adviser to 10 Downing Street, and chairs The Times Education Commission.

GODDESSES de Nina Millns

Get Out meets In a Dark, Dark Wood – a reading group thriller about Ayesha, a mixed-race stand-up comedian who finds herself entangled with a group of powerful feminist activists, and what happens when someone dares to challenge the status quo…

by Nina Millns
Simon & Schuster, Summer 2023
(via Northbank Talent Management)

2017. West Londoner and comic Ayesha is just about finding her feet on the stand-up scene – but it’s hard when stuffy venues only let one minority act on the bill. Then, after her vocal reaction to a sexist heckler goes viral, she suddenly finds herself in the spotlight and welcomed into a group of seasoned activists, all committed to the fight against sexism and the patriarchy. Ayesha is funny, can write the scripts, get people to listen, but she doesn’t have the connections of these powerful women – especially veteran activist Frankie and performance artist India Baxter-Wright – and she’s in awe of them.
Then Ayesha is invited to the social event of the year – India’s hen do. Except it’s not that kind of hen do, it’s a goddess retreat. But in a Buckinghamshire mansion with secret rooms full of the ghosts of slavery and colonialism, and with an ostracised member of the group seemingly out for revenge, the night quickly becomes a living nightmare. Ayesha is soon fleeing for her life, into the dark woods that surround the mansion and the lake beyond where a ghostly hand claws at her from below the depths. As the goddess retreat turns deadly, Ayesha discovers what happens when you deviate from the script, how far they will go to stop you stepping out of the circle, and the price you pay to finally belong.

Nina Millns is an award-winning playwright and script editor whose work has been featured on BBC Radio 4, and she has recently written various episodes for the Dr Who audio drama. As an activist, Nina was celebrated by the Huffington Post on International Women’s Day for her involvement in the UK #MeToo movement. She has consulted on Equity Union’s report on sexual harassment in the industry, attended the House of Commons and works with On Road Media, a charity supporting activists engaging with the media.


A remarkable literary debut about a young genderfluid man who escapes his difficult life in Cork to chase his dreams of fashion and modelling in London, for fans of Garth Greenwell and Swimming in the Dark.

by Hugh Blackthorne
Publication: TBD
(via Northbank Talent Management)

Genderfluid Eamon Kastellakis wants to be beautiful. More than anything, he dreams of wearing couture dresses by the designers he worships, Alexander McQueen and Gucci, well away from the roar and threat of his alcoholic Greek da in their decaying house in Cork, Ireland.
At a turning point following his seventeenth birthday, Eamon gives himself the gift he’s always wanted: freedom. But running away to fashion capital London isn’t the end of his troubles – it’s only the beginning. Eamon’s given survival pro tips – where rent’s cheap, where a lad might find some work under the table – by an odd girl who’s on the run herself. He lives in a slum house, a step up from the streets, struggling to make his way. The world of fashion seems an unattainable dream for a runaway.
Eamon slowly starts to build a life for himself in a new country away from his da. But as soon as Eamon’s modelling dreams are in sight, with runways ahead, his da falls ill. Eamon faces a painful choice between returning home to care for him or staying in London to pursue his fashion dreams – and he stands to lose everything he’s fought for.

Hugh Blackthorne is a queer trans writer of LGBTQ fiction and poetry. His writing has been published by several journals, and in 2020, THE CURATION OF EAMON O’REILLY was Runner Up in the BPA First Novel Award. In 2019, his writing was longlisted for both the Bath Novel Award and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) Nonfiction Prize. His writing has received funding support from the Canada Council for the Arts and BC Arts Council. His work in museums and archaeology provide plenty of inspiration for his writing, along with his experiences living and working in Canada and the UK, and his travels. He often writes on themes of queer identity, belonging, and found family. Hugh currently lives in Victoria, BC, Canada.

FOOD THERAPY de Pixie Turner

Diets don’t just fail to make us healthy. They take up unnecessary space in our minds and prevent us from living life to the fullest. By understanding why we eat, and bringing awareness to our food, we can rebuild the damage caused by diets and eat freely, without guilt, and set ourselves on a course to lifelong health. FOOD THERAPY will literally change your mind about eating well.

Understand and Repair Your Relationship with What You Eat
by Pixie Turner
Piatkus/Little, Brown UK, January 2023
(via Northbank Talent Management)

In FOOD THERAPY, Pixie Turner presents a fresh new approach to rehabilitating our relationship with food. Instead of focusing on rules, reduction and restriction, this practical book will help you uncover the roots and psychology of your relationship with food – how your experiences and feelings affect what you eat – and introduce you to a lifelong practice that will free you from a destructive relationship with food and dieting.
Healthy eating begins in the mind. As a registered nutritionist and qualified ACT therapist, Pixie has a wealth of experience with clients who come to her for help with disordered eating and body image problems. This book will help you understand why diets don’t work, and will empower you to rebuild your relationship with food by using psychological tools to identify your unique problematic points, and counter those with healthy eating habits. Including:

– How to reset and understand your relationship with hunger and feeling full
– Overcoming shame and defence mechanisms
– Fostering self-compassion to help you recover from setbacks
– Guidance on making better choices and creating a more positive environment

Pixie Turner is a registered nutritionist (RNutr) and science communicator, and she also has qualifications in psychotherapy, which makes her uniquely positioned to write this book. Alongside her degrees in biochemistry and nutrition and her qualifications in psychotherapy, she has over 130,000 followers on her ‘Pixie Nutrition’ social media accounts. Her science communication work extends across mainstream media, social media, and her popular podcast In Bad Taste. Pixie has been featured as a nutrition expert on the BBC, Sky and Channel 5, and in publications such as Red magazine, the Evening Standard, Grazia, the Telegraph and more. She is the author of three books: The Wellness Rebel (2018), The No Need to Diet Book (2019) and The Insta-Food Diet (August 2020), all published by Head of Zeus.

THE BACK UP MAN de Phoebe Luckhurst

A hilariously romantic tale of mishaps and matrimony, love and long shots, foibles and friendship, that may make you text that old school boyfriend of yours . . .

by Phoebe Luckhurst
‎ Michael Joseph, January 2023
(via Northbank Talent Management)

They made a pact to marry at thirty. The problem? Euan’s nowhere to be found. Can Anya track down her back up man . . . ?
Twenty-nine, single, jobless and in a house share with her cousin who can barely look at her, things could be going better for Anya Mackie. When she stumbles across the pact she made with high school crush, Euan Carrick – to marry at thirty if they’re still single – a silly teenage idea suddenly seems like a lifeline. However, Euan hasn’t been seen for a decade. Reluctantly enlisting the help of Euan’s emotionally unavailable best mate Jamie Kildare, who has his own mysterious reasons for tracking Euan down, Anya sets off across the country to find her Back Up Man. Will Euan even remember her, or their pact? And why is Anya betting her future on her past?

Phoebe Luckhurst was born in London and brought up in Glasgow. She is a Senior Commissioning Editor at The Sunday Times Magazine, and has written features and interviews for the Guardian, Sunday Times Style, Elle, ES Magazine, Grazia, the Telegraph and Vogue. Phoebe has had the theme tune to The OC stuck in her head since 2003 and once almost spent her student loan on a micro-pig. She no longer shops online when drunk. The Lock In was her debut novel.