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To the ends of the world in search of ourselves; Why we love travelling – and why it’s good for us.

(The Joys of Life on the Road)
by Christian Schüle
‎ Siedler/PRH Verlagsgruppe, April 2022

Travelling is simply wonderful – that joyful sensation of heading out into the big wide world to experience the wholly new, that feeling of freedom and openness to accidental encounters… and it’s not least the ideal chance to experience time, the world and yourself differently. Whether it’s the beauty of old pilgrims’ ways in Scandinavia or dark alleyways in Cairo, the effortlessness of the flip-flop-wearing guides to Guatemala’s Atitlán volcano, the dogs dozing idly in the Portuguese sun, nights in Blackpool or Tokyo …
In this book, Christian Schüle – philosopher, traveller, flâneur and hiker – combines his personal experiences exploring the world with reflections on why unfamiliarity and distance are the perfect way to find yourself. VOM GLÜCK, UNTERWEGS ZU SEIN is both a philosophical road trip, and a celebration of meaningful travel.

Christian Schüle, born in 1970, is a philosopher, freelance writer and publisher whose award-winning essays, articles and reportage have appeared among others in Die Zeit and Mare, and on Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandradio and Radio Bavaria. Since 2015 he teaches Culture Studies at the University of the Arts in Berlin. He has published a series of much talked-about and noteworthy essays on topical subjects, including his collection « Deutschlandvermessung » and, most recently, « In der Kampfzone: Deutschland zwischen Panik, Größenwahn und Selbstverzwergung ».