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VOYAGERS de Lauren Fuge

Journeying through remote landscapes across the Earth and beyond, VOYAGERS seeks to understand how human exploration has driven us into the Anthropocene.

Our Journey into the Anthropocene
by Lauren Fuge
Text Publishing (Australia), August 2024

At night, as I stargazed from my tiny tent, I’d hear the primal whalesong roll up along the ocean floor and onto the beach where I lay. The ethereal melodies seeped through my shivering skin, like a relic of an ancient time. I felt as if I was eavesdropping across millennia, the sound stirring some faint genetic memory deep inside me.
Come home.
Since the beginning of human history, we have been wanderers. Modern humans left Africa by 150,000 years ago, heading first to Asia and Europe, then Australia, the Americas, and finally—in an incredible feat of innovation and imagination—across the Pacific. Our explorations yielded great rewards: land and resources, food and knowledge. In every landscape we have explored, we have become a force of change. Humans are the dominant influence on the environment. And our surging population and insatiable industrial metabolism are outgunning the planet’s own forces: the sea is sucking at our doorsteps; the forests fall too quickly for us to hear. Still, we seek new seas to fish, new oil deposits to drill, new land to develop. A compelling blend of natural history, science and memoir, journeying from the dramatic fjords of British Columbia to the ancient geology of outback Australia to the shifting coastlines of Norway, VOYAGERS asks: What drives our urge to explore? How has it influenced our relationship with the planet? And, in the face of imminent environmental collapse, can we find in our voyaging history the tools to reimagine our future?

Lauren Fuge is an award-winning science writer. She has been a science journalist for Cosmos magazine and was awarded the 2022 UNSW Bragg Prize for Science Writing; her writing features regularly in the Best Australian Science Writing anthology. She is undertaking a PhD exploring creative forms of climate communication.


In this inspiring collection of essays, acclaimed author David Quammen journeys to places where civilization meets raw nature and explores the challenge of balancing the needs of both.

Dispatches From Landscapes of Wonder, Peril, and Hope
by David Quammen
National Geographic, May 2023
(via Kaplan/DeFiore Rights)

For more than two decades, award-winning science and nature writer David Quammen has traveled to Earth’s most far-flung and fragile destinations, sending back field notes from places caught in the tension between humans and the wild. This illuminating book features 20 of those assignments: elegantly written narratives, originally published in National Geographic magazine and updated for today, telling colorful and impassioned stories from some of the planet’s wildest locales. 
Quammen shares encounters with African elephants, chimpanzees, and gorillas (and their saviors, including Jane Goodall); the salmon of northeastern Russia and the people whose livelihood depends on them; the lions of Kenya and the villagers whose homes border on parks created to preserve the species; and the champions of rewilding efforts in southernmost South America, designed to rescue iconic species including jaguars and macaws.
With a new introduction, afterword, and notes framing each story, Quammen reminds us of the essential role played by wild nature at the heart of the planet.

Three-time winner of the National Magazine Award (the Ellie) and author of 15 books, David Quammen is one of the world’s top nature and science writers. His 2012 book Spillover, which predicted a worldwide pandemic, was shortlisted for the PEN/E. O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award and has made him one of the most sought-after commentators on the coronavirus. He is a regular contributor to National Geographic, The New Yorker, and the New York Times. He lives in Bozeman, Montana.


Through a collection of deeply researched and reported narratives that focus on ten unsung, inspiring individuals who are upholding ancient rites and practices, THE LAST PEOPLE ON EARTH is a celebration of human ingenuity and perseverance, and a love letter to the people, places and practices that make our world so wondrous.

Humanity’s Rarest Cultural Wonders & the Guardians Keeping them Alive
by Eliot Stein
St. Martin’s Press, 2024
(via Harvey Klinger)

For the past four years before Covid hit, Eliot Stein has been traveling all around the planet profiling remarkable people who are producing or preserving a distinct cultural wonder that exists nowhere else for a column he created for BBC Travel called Custom Made. In Italy, Eliot learned the secrets of the world’s rarest pasta from one of only three women alive who knows how to make it. In Taiwan, he shadowed the island’s last film poster painter, a man who’s now partially blind but still hangs his giant brushstroke canvases on the theater marquee. In Sardinia, Eliot meets a 24th generation diver who is the only person left on Earth who still knows how to harvest and embroider an incredibly rare fiber known as sea silk, into elaborate patterns that glisten like gold.
takes the spirit of the award-winning Custom Made column and expands it. It’s a collection of deeply researched and reported narratives that focus on ten unsung, inspiring individuals who are upholding ancient rites and practices that are uniquely rooted in a place’s history and character, and are also on the edge of extinction. THE LAST PEOPLE ON EARTH explores the cultural and emotional impact of what it means when the unique traditions and customs that we’ve treasured for generations fade away. Above all, it’s a celebration of human ingenuity and perseverance, and a love letter to the people, places and practices that make our world so wondrous.
With the thoughtful contemplation and detail of Pico Iyer, and the empathy and reverie Brandon Stanton conveys for his subjects,
The Last People on Earth casts a broad geographic and thematic net to tell a larger story about who we are, how customs shape culture, and what the future may have in store for us.

Eliot Stein is an award-winning journalist, deputy editor at BBC Travel, and the creator of the Custom Made column, consistently one of BBC Travel’s top-performing series, with views in the millions. In addition, Eliot’s writing has been published in Best Travel Writing books anthology (Travelers Tales, 2008), and has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Geographic, The Guardian, WIRED, Conde Nast Traveler, CNN, The Independent, USA Today, Vice, and elsewhere. His stories have been translated into 27 languages.


In the National Geographic television series Uncharted, chef Gordon Ramsay journeys to some of the most remote locations on Earth in search of culinary inspiration, epic adventures, and cultural experiences. Experience his journey in this beautifully illustrated collection, featuring 75 mouthwatering recipes and revealing insight into the cultures and foodways of destinations from Peru to Louisiana.

A Culinary Adventure With 60 Recipes From Around the Globe
by Gordon Ramsay
National Geographic, April 2023
(via Kaplan/Defiore Rights)

From the heights of the Peruvian Andes to the banks of the Mekong River Delta in Laos, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has traveled far and wide to find culinary inspiration in some of the world’s most remote locations. In this travelogue-meets-cookbook, Ramsay reveals the rich food traditions and cultures he’s found in 25 remarkable destinations from his explorations on the National Geographic Channel’s Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted.
Within these mouthwatering pages, you’ll find insights into some of the world’s richest cultures, behind-the-scenes stories from filming, tips from top chefs around the world, and must-try adventures in places near and far. Best of all, you’ll be served 75 authentic recipes that are easy to achieve at home, including:

Steamed Pudding from New Zealand’s Maori
• Spicy Grilled Lobster with Coconut and Breadfruit from Hawaii’s Hana Coast
• Seafood Chowder from Alaska’s Panhandle
• Spice-Rubbed Steaks with Pele Pele Sauce from South Africa
• Pumpkin Curry from India’s spice hub
• Chicken Pepper Pot from Guyana’s wild jungles
• New Orleans–Style Barbecue Shrimp from Louisiana
• Ricotta Gnocchi from Istria, Croatia
• And More!

Both exotic and inspiring, this cookbook is perfect for travel inspiration, cultural insight, and an extra-special kitchen repertoire!

Gordon Ramsay is an internationally renowned chef, restaurateur, and TV host (Uncharted, Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, and Next Level Chef). With locations in Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East, Ramsay oversees an ever-growing restaurant empire globally, that collectively boast 7 Michelin stars. When he’s not on TV or in the kitchen, he’s doing what he does best: being an embarrassing dad to his four kids. He splits his time between Los Angeles and London.


To the ends of the world in search of ourselves; Why we love travelling – and why it’s good for us.

(The Joys of Life on the Road)
by Christian Schüle
‎ Siedler/PRH Verlagsgruppe, April 2022

Travelling is simply wonderful – that joyful sensation of heading out into the big wide world to experience the wholly new, that feeling of freedom and openness to accidental encounters… and it’s not least the ideal chance to experience time, the world and yourself differently. Whether it’s the beauty of old pilgrims’ ways in Scandinavia or dark alleyways in Cairo, the effortlessness of the flip-flop-wearing guides to Guatemala’s Atitlán volcano, the dogs dozing idly in the Portuguese sun, nights in Blackpool or Tokyo …
In this book, Christian Schüle – philosopher, traveller, flâneur and hiker – combines his personal experiences exploring the world with reflections on why unfamiliarity and distance are the perfect way to find yourself. VOM GLÜCK, UNTERWEGS ZU SEIN is both a philosophical road trip, and a celebration of meaningful travel.

Christian Schüle, born in 1970, is a philosopher, freelance writer and publisher whose award-winning essays, articles and reportage have appeared among others in Die Zeit and Mare, and on Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandradio and Radio Bavaria. Since 2015 he teaches Culture Studies at the University of the Arts in Berlin. He has published a series of much talked-about and noteworthy essays on topical subjects, including his collection « Deutschlandvermessung » and, most recently, « In der Kampfzone: Deutschland zwischen Panik, Größenwahn und Selbstverzwergung ».