MAKERS: PARIS de Kate Van Den Boogert, photos de Carrie Solomon

Meet the extraordinary community of artisans and creative entrepreneurs making their mark on Paris today.

by Kate Van Den Boogert, with photographs by Carrie Solomon

Prestel, April 2021
(chez David Black Literary Agency)

This inspirational guide introduces you to the locals behind thirty-five of Paris’s unique shops, studios, and more. Through beautifully illustrated spreads, immerse yourself in the daily practices of diverse creatives including fashion designer Isabel Marant; baker Apollonia Poilâne, whose sourdough loaves are the toast of the city; fourth-generation art supplier Sophie Sennelier; Palais-Royal shoe designer Pierre Hardy; jet-setting street artist and hotelier André Saraiva; bookseller Sylvia Whitman who continues her father’s literary heritage with flair; French cocktail expert Franck Audoux; the duo behind ecological sneaker brand Véja; the inventor of the bistronomy movement Yves Camdeborde; plus a host of chocolatiers, florists, cheesemakers, patissiers, stationers, and more. Each maker links to the next with a personal introduction that adds insight to how these interconnected communities thrive and grow together. You’ll get to know each maker—their tools, practices, passions, histories, inspirations, and work environments. MAKERS: PARIS takes you inside their businesses to show you how they invent, craft, and sell their wares, and demonstrates in the process how each maker’s own passions and talents splendidly intersect with their city’s hunger for quality, style, and substance. Whether you’re planning a trip to Paris, looking for inspiration, or just wondering what’s hot in the City of Lights, this thrilling tour will leave you inspired, satisfied…and hungry for more.

Kate Van Den Boogert is Founding Director of Gogo City Guides, up-to-date, seasonal guides to Paris & London.
Carrie Solomon, one of France’s most renowned still-life photographers, is a food and travel writer/photographer for Elle France. Her most recent book is Inside Chefs’ Fridges : Europe and she is working on a new volume exploring the home fridges of chefs across the world.

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