Special moments, amazing encounters, fascinating animal facts.

(The Woodland Animal Whisperer)
by Wolfgang Schreil
Ludwig/Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe, August 2021

No one is as at home among wild woodland animals as Wolfgang Schreil: he gets up close and personal with red deer and lynxes, photographs a hunting stoat at ten paces, gets within touching distance of poisonous snakes, and stands among roe deer grazing peacefully by his side. How does he manage to get so unbelievably close to them, to share moments of connectedness that count among the happiest times of his life? For Wolfgang ‘Woid Woife’ Schreil, the woods represent a safe haven and place where we can be truly free. His gripping stories, his priceless knowledge of the animal world and his close-up animal photographs have made him a very special woodland ambassador. His immense passion for life and animals, his faith in the power of love, and his belief that nature’s greatest gifts are revealed to us if we are only patient, are an inspiration for each and every one of us who yearn to be mindful of what really matters.

German stone lifting champion, renowned environmentalist and animal expert – Wolfgang Schreil‘s CV contains many surprises. Yet his extraordinary connection to animals and woodlands has always been a constant in his life. His wisdom and contagious enthusiasm for forests and their inhabitants have inspired and delighted people everywhere; and he is as famous for his stunning close-up photographs of woodland animals as for his trademark green felt hat and hiking stick.

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