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A regency romance with a more inclusive image in this beloved genre—one that centers on a Black woman as the most beautiful woman in the ton. This new series follows the diverse Du Bell children and their chaotic, dramatic, and oftentimes humorous paths to love.

by J.J. McAvoy
Ballantine, June 2022
(via Nancy Yost)

APHRODITE AND THE DUKE, described as The Importance of Being Wanton by Christi Caldwell meets When the Earl Met His Match by Stacy Reid, is a second-chance romance centering on bookish and thoughtful Aphrodite Du Bell. Sure, the members of the ton, and even the queen herself, heap praise on her warm brown skin, perfect curls, and exquisite features, but Aphrodite can’t help but think that living up to the literal goddess of beauty is asking a bit much! Also, her renowned beauty certainly didn’t stop the love of her life from jilting her and marrying another four years ago.
When Aphrodite’s formidable mother summons her back to London to aid in her sister’s debut, she has no choice but to acquiesce. But she’s determined to ignore one man in particular, despite what the very sight of him does to her heart.
Evander Eagleman, the Duke of Everely, lost his chance for true love four years ago. Now that he is free from that particular family treachery—well,
almost free—he is determined to win back Aphrodite’s trust…and her hand in marriage. But even as the couple makes strides to mend past hurts, a nefarious conspirator from Evander’s past threatens their future…as well as their lives…

Judy Onyegbado, writing as J.J. McAvoy, has written numerous independently published novels. Her books have been translated into six languages, and were bestsellers in Turkey, Israel, and France. She is active and delightful on social media: @JJMcAvoy; Instagram.


Oceans and decades apart, two women are inextricably bound by the secrets between them. For readers of Sara Gruen, Jamie Ford, Arthur Golden, Amy Tan, Victoria Hislop, Dinah Jefferies and Lucinda Riley

by Ana Johns
Park Row Books, Spring 2019

Japan, 1957. Seventeen-year-old Naoko Nakamura’s prearranged marriage to the son of her father’s business associate secures her family’s status in their traditional Japanese community, but Naoko has fallen for another man. An American sailor, a gaijin—and to marry him would bring great shame upon her entire family. When it’s learned Naoko carries the sailor’s child, she’s cast out in disgrace and forced to make unimaginable choices with consequences that will ripple across generations.
America, present day. Tori Kovač, caring for her dying father, finds a letter containing a shocking revelation—one that calls into question everything she understood about him, her family, and herself. Setting out to learn the truth behind the letter, Tori’s journey leads her half-way around the world to a remote sea-side village in Japan, where she must confront the demons of the past to pave a way for redemption. In breathtaking prose and inspired by true stories from a devastating and little-known era in Japanese and American History, Ana Johns’ THE WOMAN IN THE WHITE KIMONO illuminates a searing portrait of one woman torn between her culture and her heart, and another woman on a journey to discover the true meaning of home. Akin to Madame Butterfly—except she lives to tell…
A poignant, sweeping novel of spirit and love – between fathers and daughters and husbands and wives— that travels the difficult road to acceptance through secrets, sacrifice, and lies.  With intertwined stories of love and loss that illuminate the aftermath of war and those forever caught in-between: as both women, past and present, confront social stigmas, secret burial grounds, exiled communities, and the gut-wrenching consequences of their own choices.

Ana Johns published a couple of romantic comedies (also translated in 11 languages). THE WOMAN IN THE WHITE KIMONO is her first historical fiction and is aimed at the reading group market. She worked for over twenty-years in the creative arts field, as both a creative director and business owner, before turning her hand to fiction.

THE BEHOLDER d’Anna Bright

The first in a new series perfect for fans of “The Selection”, THE BEHOLDER pulls threads from our greatest fairytales and weaves them into a new epic romance with a stunning sea-faring journey

by Anna Bright
Harper Teen, Summer 2019

As part of Potomac’s elect, 18-year-old Selah’s duty is to set an example for her people and marry young. Selah is happy to fulfill her responsibility—until her choice of consort turns her down at the very public Arbor Day ceremony. Selah’s rejection is the perfect excuse for her treacherous stepmother to send her away and seize power. With Selah’s father too weak to step in, her stepmother forces her to set sail across the Atlantic on the Beholder with young, enigmatic Captain Andrew Lang in command, and an itinerary stacked with suitors. The message is clear: come home with a worthy husband or don’t come home. So Selah begins her journey, finding much-needed camaraderie with the eclectic crew of the Beholder, though she often wonders if ferrying her across the sea is the ship’s only mission. But she can hardly wonder long. Selah soon realizes she’s been set up to fail: her suitors all have thrones to inherit, too bound to their own countries to help her lead hers. Marriage to any of them means abandoning Potomac, which Selah refuses to consider—until she meets Prinse Torden of Norge. Fierce, disciplined, and unwaveringly faithful to his kingdom, Torden and his inseparable, unruly siblings help Selah discover confidence and courage she didn’t know she possessed. And she can only hope that her newfound courage will help her make the hardest decision of her life.

Two titles under contract so far.

Anna Bright lives in Washington, D.C., where she’s an indie bookseller by day and an author by night. THE BEHOLDER is her first novel.