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Abrams Adult rights guide

The first photographic tribute to the largest peaceful demonstration in history

Abrams Image
, February 2017

The Women’s March began with one cause—women’s rights—but quickly became a movement around the many issues that were hotly debated during the 2016 U.S. presidential race—immigration, health care, environmental protections, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, freedom of religion, and workers’ rights, among others. In the mere 66 days between the election and inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, 673 sister marches sprang up across the country and the world. Featuring images of people in snow gear in Antartica, women holding “Love Trumps Hate” signs in Durban, South Africa, and little girls in the streets of New York City, WHY I MARCH is organized by continent and showcases the recurring themes of inclusion and intersectionality that the March so embodied. The book also includes an in-depth Resources Guide for activists, old and new, who are looking for next steps to keep the momentum going. This includes information on existing grassroots organizations all over the United States.

Abrams Image presents WHY I MARCH to honor the movement, give back to it, and promote future activism in the same vein.


A photography book about trees that have a remarkable story to tell us

by Diane Cook and Len Jenshel
Abrams Books
, October 2017

Photographers Diane Cook and Len Jenshel spent two years traveling to five continents to photograph more than 50 extraordinary trees that were carefully selected for their historic and cultural significance. From Luna, the coastal redwood in California that became an international symbol for conservation, to the Bodhi Tree, the sacred fig in India that is a direct descendent of the tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment, Cook and Jenshel reveal trees that have shaped our lives and our feelings about nature. The project both reflects and inspires awareness of the enduring role trees have played in nurturing and sheltering humanity.

Diane Cook and Len Jenshel are two of America’s foremost landscape photographers. Their previous books include Aquarium (2003), Hot Spots: America’s Volcanic Landscape (1996), and Travels in the American West (1992). Their work is represented in more than 100 major collections worldwide and they have been contributing photographers to National Geographic for 20 years. They live in New York City. Verlyn Klinkenborg is the author of The Rural Life. His articles and essays have appeared nearly everywhere. He was a member of the editorial board of the New York Times from 1997 to 2013.


An illustrated book from one of the most notable writers of his generation

by Dave Eggers

Abrams Books, October 2017

Before he embarked on his writing career, Eggers was classically trained as a draftsman and painter. He then spent many years as a professional illustrator and graphic designer before turning to writing full-time. More recently, in order to raise money for ScholarMatch, his college-access nonprofit, he returned to visual art, and the results have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the country. Usually involving the pairing of an animal with humorous or biblical text, the results are wry, oddly anthropomorphic tableaus that create a very entertaining and eccentric body of work from one of today’s leading culture makers.

Dave Eggers is the author of seven bestselling and award-winning books. He is also the founder and editor of McSweeney’s, an independent publishing house based in San Francisco that produces a quarterly journal and a monthly maga­zine (The Believer).


Like the “slow food” movement, SLOW KNITTING encourages knitters to step back, pare down, and celebrate the craftsmanship of their work

A Journey from Sheep to Skein to Stitch
by Hanna Thiessen
Abrams Books
, October 2017

In five chapters centered around the tenets of slow knit­ting—sourcing carefully, making thoughtfully, thinking environmentally, experimenting fearlessly, and exploring openly—Hannah Thiessen challenges knitters of all skill levels to view their practice in a new way. Each chapter contains explorations of fiber types; profiles of well-known yarn types, makers, and yarn suppliers; and garment patterns inspired by the featured fibers. With contributions from knitting superstars Norah Gaughan, Bristol Ivy, and many others, Slow Knitting proposes an approach to knitting that is both minimalist and all-encompassing, and emphasizes what makes knitting a meditation, a passion, and a unique necessity.

Hannah Thiessen is a freelance creative and social media marketing consultant with a specialty in yarn and knitting-related business. Having worked with companies like Malabrigo Yarns, Bare Naked Wools, and Shibui Knits, Hannah cares deeply about wool: where and how it is made into yarn, and what it becomes in the hands of the knitter. She has dabbled in various textile-related crafts from quilting and garment-making, to spinning her own yarns, knitting, and weaving.


Bertelsmann Non-Fiction Spring 2017

Bertelsmann Reference Spring 2017

The biggest data leak in the history of sport and what it reveals about big money in international football

Rafael Buschmann and Michael Wulzinger
DVA Sachbuch
, April 2017

The fact that the world of football is less and less about sport and increasingly about dirty dealings is something football fans have been suspecting long before the FIFA scandals. But Football Leaks sheds light for the first time on the shadowy world of this industry and the whole spectrum of the greed holding sway behind the scenes of international football.
Whistleblower « John » has handed over 1.9 terabytes of secret data to the weekly Spiegel, amounting to 18.6 million documents on negotiations, contracts and agreements – documents that reveal that for stakeholders in international football, be they clubs, players or agents, morals and laws do not count.

For FOOTBALL LEAKS, Rafael Buschmann and Michael Wulzinger spent months doing research and now reveal the highly explosive material they have extracted from the data, including the secret player contracts of Mesut Özil, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo, and the take-it-or-leave-it contracts of players’ agents.


Abundance consciousness training for a truly joyful life

by Ruediger Dahlke and Veit Lindau
, March 2017

Ruediger Dahlke and Veit Lindau, two of the best-known spiritual teachers in Germany, have written on an important and highly topical issue: deficiency consciousness. This mindset is such a severe burden to our lives and one with such powerful negativity that it can make us poor and needy both inwardly and outwardly, destroy relationships, and even make us physically ill. The authors show the way to abundance consciousness, a transformative process that begins in the heart and has the power to deeply transform life and make it into a place of love and generosity. This is OMEGA: a revolution in our thinking and feeling, in our consciousness, and in our actions. A shift from deficiency towards a fullness of being. From fear to trust. From greed to generosity. From separation towards connection.

Ruediger Dahlke studied medicine and pursued extended training in natural healing and psychotherapy. Veit Lindau is a teacher, lecturer, and author. He is co-founder of the Life Trust Akademie and is a professional member of the German Speakers Association.


The first biography that uses Charlotte Salomon’s intensive pictures as the starting point of the narrative

by Margret Greiner
, March 2017

Who is the young woman who with her paintings took possession of her life with such impressive power and this way defied death?
It is only in recent years, shortly before the approaching anniversary of her birthday 100 years ago, that Charlotte Salomon has increasingly become the focus of public attention again. The artist and writer – murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz at the age of 26 – left behind an impressive autobiographical œuvre: a series of almost 800 pictures, a story board of her short and tragic life, a kind of « Anne Frank in images ».
Margret Greiner has taken this diary in colour as the starting point for her research and placed Salomon’s self-portrait in the centre of her narrative biography.

Margret Greiner studied German and history and spent many years working as a teacher and journalist. Her work has regularly focussed on the lives of exceptional women. Her most recent narrative biographies were Cut Out for Freedom. Emilie Flöge: Fashion Designer and Life Companion of Gustav Klimt and Charlotte Berend-Corinth and Lovis Corinth: I Want to Belong to Myself.


A new assessment of the significance of the Wannsee Conference within the context of the Holocaust

(Wannsee Conference: The Road to Final Solution)
Peter Longerich
, November 2016

On January 20, 1942, fifteen high-ranking representatives of the NS state, following an invitation by Richard Heydrich, met in a luxurious villa on the Wannsee to discuss the « final solution » of the « Jewish question ». The minutes of the meeting record that the decision taken was to deport a total of eleven million people, expose them to murderous forced labor and use other methods to kill any survivors and those unable to work. Peter Longerich, one of the most eminent researchers into NS history, reveals how, in the minds of Third Reich leaders, the vague intention of destroying the Jews developed into a precise and clear-cut murder program and how hugely significant the Wannsee Conference was within the context of the Holocaust. The book contains the complete minutes of the Wannsee Conference, annotated by Peter Longerich.

Peter Longerich is the internationally renowned expert on the history of Nazism who has published numerous documentations; his books “Politics of Destruction” and “We Knew Nothing of All This” are standard works. His biographies of Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler were acclaimed worldwide.


Amusing, courageous and of course absolutely true

(Islam- What About It?)
by Kerim Pamuk
Gütersloher Verlagshaus
, April 2017

Why do men turn gay when women drive cars? Is Jihad the Islam form of a booze cruise and are Shiites globules?
Kerim Pamuk’s introduction to the world of Islam is completely new – packed with keen wit and subtle humour. From A for Allah to Z for Zahnschmerz (toothache) he explains the life of Muslims and the way they think.
This book is so serious that you laugh till you cry and at the end of it you are surprised to realise one thing: Islam is much more colourful and amusing than you ever thought.

Kerim Pamuk was born in Turkey in 1970 and moved to Hamburg when he was nine years old. As a writer and cabaret artist he moves within the field of tension between his two cultures. His stage programmes are enthusiastically received. With Alles roger, Hodscha? and Allah Forgives but the Caretaker Doesn’t he has already written two bestsellers.


Playful exercises for working with the inner child. The practice book to the bestseller

(The Child in You Must Find a Home)
Stefanie Stahl
, March 2017

With her bestseller The Child in You Must Find a Home Stefanie Stahl has helped hundreds of thousands of people discover for themselves the enormous power that comes through personal work with the inner child. Now, this practice book that complements her bestseller provides a comprehensive program for a strong self.
With many new exercises, we will discover how to heal old wounds, develop protection strategies, and strengthen ourselves through positive beliefs. Especially practical are the six detachable templates for individual work with the sun child and the shadow child.

Stefanie Stahl is a psychotherapist with a degree in psychology and a book author. Throughout the German-speaking countries she holds seminars about fear of connection and closeness. She is a sought-after expert on this topic in the press and other media.


Beacon Press London Book Fair 2017

A new edition of this classic work published on the 25th anniversary of Baldwin’s death, including a new introduction by an important contemporary writer

James Baldwin
November 2012

Written during the 1940s and early 1950s, when Baldwin was only in his twenties, the essays collected in NOTES OF A NATIVE SON capture a view of black life and black thought at the dawn of the civil rights movement and as the movement slowly gained strength through the words of one of the most captivating essayists and foremost intellectuals of that era. Writing as an artist, activist, and social critic, Baldwin probes the complex condition of being black in America. With a keen eye, he examines everything from the significance of the protest novel to the motives and circumstances of the many black expatriates of the time, from his home in “The Harlem Ghetto” to a sobering “Journey to Atlanta.” NOTES OF A NATIVE SON is the book that established Baldwin’s voice as a social critic, and it remains one of his most admired works. The essays collected here create a cohesive sketch of black America and reveal an intimate portrait of Baldwin’s own search for identity as an artist, as a black man, and as an American.

James Baldwin (1924-1987) was one of America’s foremost writers. He was an African-American novelist, essayist, playwright, poet, and social critic. Baldwin’s essays, such as « Notes of a Native Son » (1955), explore palpable yet unspoken intricacies of racial, sexual, and class distinctions in Western societies, most notably in m id-20th century America. As an openly gay man, he became increasingly outspoken in condemning discrimination against lesbian and gay people.


Crown Religion Guide – London 2017

Crown LBF 2017 illustrated rights guide translation

The best-selling author of The Happiness Advantage reveals why our potential is not limited by what we on our own can achieve; rather, our success is amplified by the successes of those around us

by Shawn Achor
Crown Business, April 2018

Shawn Achor offers five strategies for exponentially raising our achievement and performance by helping others – colleagues, teams, and employees – be better. For decades, we have thought about potential as a being a constellation of individual traits: your creativity, your abilities, your intelligence. But new research shows that this version of potential – what Achor calls Small Potential – is deeply flawed, and places a ceiling on the level of success we can achieve. To lift this ceiling and reach new vistas in our careers, we must strive for Big Potential. Big Potential works not in isolation, but rather a part of an ecosystem: so that when we help those around us succeed, we not only raise the performance of the group, we also make ourselves better. Drawing on cutting-edge original research, as well as his work with executives, educators, and leaders around the globe, Achor shows how we all have the power to amplify our own potential by helping others realize theirs.

Shawn Achor has become one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness, success, and potential. His research on mindset made the cover of Harvard Business Review, and his TED talk is one of the most popular of all time with almost 14 million views. He is the author of “The Happiness Advantage” and “Before Happiness”.


Combining the best current medical knowledge with a new approach grounded in integrative medicine, Chopra and Tanzi offer a groundbreaking new model of healing and the healing system, one of the main mysteries in the mind-body connection

by Deepak Chopra with Rudolph E. Tanzi
Crown, February 2018

SUPER IMMUNITY is a breakthrough book in self-care for a wide audience. Immunity—the body’s ability to ward off disease—can no longer be taken for granted. Current trends in the public health are disturbing. From increased jet travel, allowing new mutated bacteria and viruses to have a worldwide reach, to MERSA and other antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that are outstripping new drugs to fight them, to an increase in deaths from hospital-acquired infections, to an aging population whose childhood vaccinations are losing their effectiveness, our well-being is at a dangerous crossroads. Yet, Chopra and Tanzi, see hope and offer news ways of increasing the body’s immune system by stimulating the brain, our genes, helping to reduce inflammation in the body and increase our capacities to fight off illness and disease. This is an ideal next book for this pair–the effects of integrative and alternative medicine are being validated every day and this link between meditation and positive gene activity, has important implications for improving immunity.

Deepak Chopra is a pioneer of integrative medicine and the author of 80 books published in 43 languages. Many have been New York Times bestsellers. Rudolph E. Tanzi is the Joseph and Rose Kennedy Professor of Neurology at Harvard University and director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. They are the authors of “Super Brain” and “Super Genes”.


Icelandic chef and owner of Dill and Kex Hostel, Gunnar Gíslason shows readers how to create, eat, and live the hygge lifestyle through recipes, essays, and craft projects

Embracing the Nordic Art of Coziness
by Jody Eddy and Gunnar Gíslason
Ten Speed Press, October 2017

Chef Gunnar Gíslason opened the acclaimed restaurant Dill in Reykjavík’s historic Nordic House in 2009. His contemporary cooking celebrating Iceland’s pristine ingredients and artisanal producers has garnered international acclaim and media. Joddy Eddy is the author of “Come In, We’re Closed”. A graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan, she is the former editor of Art Culinaire. Gíslason and Eddy are the co-authors of “North”.


From the author of “Hardwiring Happiness”, sold in 13 territories

The 12-Month Plan to Build Your Foundation of Well-Being and Happiness
by Rick Hanson
February 2018

New York Times bestselling author and respected psychologist Rick Hanson, has created a year-long program to develop the 12 inner resources to thrive no matter what life throws at you. Rick’s work is unique in that it blends neuroscience, positive psychology, as well as contemplative traditions and practices. He has identified 12 foundational pillars—Self-Caring, Mindfulness, Learning, Vitality, Gratitude, Confidence, Calm, Motivation, Intimacy, Courage, Aspiration, and Service—that need to be shored up for anyone to find and experience the richest, fullest, happiest life. With his unique blend of expertise and wisdom he gives readers practices, advice, and mediations to shift their brains’ wiring to ‘hardwire in health and wellbeing.

Dr. Hanson is an affiliate of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley and has lectured at Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, and other leading universities. He is an authority of self-directed neuroplasticity, and his work has been featured in the New York times, U.S News & World Report, O, The Oprah Magazine. He is the author of several previous books including Buddha’s Brain, Just One Thing, and Hardwiring Happiness.


Weaving together stories from the world’s most creative and controversial innovators in the world of food farming and production, THE FATE OF FOOD documents the race to secure the global food supply and explores the future of sustainable food and agriculture

What We’ll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World
by Amanda Little
March 2018

From dairies in India where microchips embedded in cow flanks transmit real-time data about the animals’ health and milk quality and into the fields of Nigerian farmers who are growing the world’s first drought-tolerant rice, THE FATE OF FOOD tells the story of human innovation through food, examining both old and new approaches to food production and their costs and benefits in an era of climate change. Amanda Little seeks to answer questions like: can GMOs actually be good for the environment? What are the most sustainable sources of protein, long-term? What would it take to not just reduce but eliminate harmful chemicals from farming and processed foods? Her investigation takes her to the most extreme frontiers of modern food production, meeting pioneers such as the California food botanist restoring thousand-year-old nutrients in fruits and vegetables and the Dutch entrepreneur mass producing flour made from crickets. THE FATE OF FOOD will tell the defining story of the sustainable food revolution – not the movement of the past decade that brought us farm-to-table restaurants and biodynamic wines, but the broader movement that will feed nine billion people in a hotter, smarter world and a future that is unfolding right now. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of climate change, along with a sense of awe and optimism about the scope of human ingenuity.

Amanda Little is the author of “Power Trip” and co-author of “From the Ground Up”. Her articles on the environment, energy, and technology have been published in the New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Wired, and The Washington Post.


The senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) unlocks the secrets to developing supernormal mental powers, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. Are such things possible? Science says yes!

by Dean Radin
February 2018

According to noted Dean Radin, scientist and New York Times bestselling author (“The Conscious Universe”), each of possess a secret power to create real magic in our lives. And we can do this through the development of certain psychic abilities. But wait, aren’t things like ESP and telepathy just wishful thinking and flights of the imagination? Not according to the author, who worked for the CIA in the top secret psychic espionage Stargate program. Radin has spent the last thirty years of his life conducting controlled experiments that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that thoughts are things, that we can reach each other’s minds, that intuition is more power than we ever suspected and that we can tap into the power of intention (think the Secret only on more honest, effective, and scientific level). Tapping into these dormant powers can help us lead more interesting and fulfilling lives. Beginning with a brief history of magic over the centuries (what was one person’s magic two thousand years ago is turning out to be scientific fact today), Radin offers a series of attention training exercised (that’s the key—developing focus, something elite athletes know a lot about) backed with top-notch research that helps readers to become more physically of themselves and the world around them.

Dean Radin is a senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and adjunct faculty in the Department of Psychology at Sonoma State University. He held appointments at Princeton University and several Silicon Valley think tanks, where he worked on a classified program investigating psychic phenomena for the US government. He is the author of “Supernormal” which was licensed in six foreign countries.


A cultural history of sneakers, tracing the footprint of one of our most iconic fashions across sports, business, and pop culture

The Great American Story of Sneakers
by Nicholas Smith
May 2018

When the athletic shoe graduated from the beaches and croquet courts of the wealthy elite to streetwear ubiquity, its journey through the heart of everyday life was just getting started. In this rollicking narrative, Nicholas K. Smith carries us through the long twentieth century as sneakers became the totem of subcultures from California skateboarders to New York rappers, the cause of gang violence and riots, the heart of a global economic controversy, the lynchpin in a quest to turn big sports into big business, and the muse of high fashion. Studded with larger-than-life mavericks and unexpected visionaries–from genius rubber inventor Charles Goodyear, to road-warrior huckster Chuck Taylor, to the feuding brothers who founded Adidas and Puma, respectively, to the track coach who changed the sport by pouring rubber in his wife’s waffle iron–Kicks introduces us to the sneaker’s surprisingly influential, enduring, and evolving legacy.

Nicholas K. Smith is a 2014 graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism, where he was awarded the Lynton Fellowship in Book Writing. He has worked as a reporter and freelancer for the past ten years, covering a range of topics including science, technology, business, sports, the arts, and local government.



What if science could show us a prescription for how to get wiser, faster…without the waiting to age or required trials and tribulations?

The science of smart decisions.
by Dilip Jeste, MD & Scott Lafee
Hachette Books, January 2019

HOW TO BE WISE investigates and explains wisdom as divined through the prism of hard science and is buttressed by compelling case histories and personal stories. What humans call wisdom is, in fact, a collection of very specific characteristics and behaviors fundamentally defined by biology and as such open to purposeful change through science and medicine. This book focuses on exploring and answering several vital questions: Is it hard-wired into our brains, possessing a biological basis – tangible and localized within specific regions of our complex neurocircuity? Does it have an evolutionary basis and value? Is it unique to humans or can animals be wise as well? And finally, can humans through science consciously and purposefully manipulate wisdom to make ourselves wise beyond our years?

Dilip Jeste, MD, is a physician and neuroscientist whose decades of research have made him a preeminent authority on the relationship between wisdom and biology. Scott LaFee is an award-winning science journalist and editor and worked for the San Diego Union-Tribune for more than two decades. Nominated five times for the Pulitzer Prize in reporting and explanatory writing, he is the current director of media relations at UC San Diego Health.


The master of page-turning nonfiction to write the narrative saga of how Churchill, his family, and his “Secret Circle” endured England’s darkest year

A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Bombing of London
by Erik Larson
Crown, Fall 2019

Set in locales ranging from the Prisoner Room at the prime ministerial country house, Chequers; to London’s Dorchester Hotel, where Lady “Emerald” Cunard threw charismatic parties as shrapnel peppered the windows; and of course to 10 Downing Street and the Cabinet War Rooms, Larson’s book will provide a vivid portrait of London in the darkest time imaginable, through the day-to-day experience of Churchill and his family—his wife, Clementine; their daughters, Sarah, Diana, Mary; and their son, Randolph—and the cadre of close advisers who comprised Churchill’s “Secret Circle.” The book will draw upon a wealth of new sources, including recently declassified files as well as personal diaries that only now have become accessible to researchers. THE SPLENDID AND THE VILE promises to take readers out of today’s political dysfunction and back to a time of true leadership, when Churchill’s eloquence, strategic brilliance, and perseverance bound a country together in the face of unrelenting horror.

Erik Larson is the author of five national bestsellers: “Dead Wake”, “In the Garden of Beasts”, “Thunderstruck”, “The Devil in the White City”, and “Isaac’s Storm”, which have collectively sold more than 8 million copies worldwide. His books have been published in nearly 20 countries.


A physical remembrance of the man who has taught us that no matter what the adversity, no matter how hopeless we may feel, Yes we can. Yes we have. Yes we will again

by Pete Souza
Little, Brown, November 2017 (Manuscripts due April 2017)
300 photographs with accompanying text

During his time as President, Barack Obama has embodied the diversity of our country in a way that has made us feel that, no matter what divided us, we were fundamentally the same. As we move forward into a new era of American Politics, where the divisions of our country threaten schism, the American people will want to remember how it has felt to have someone of President Obama’s character, integrity, and eloquence representing us to the world. Chief White House Photographer Pete Souza has been by the President’s side with unique access to the most compelling and intimate moments over the 44th President’s eight years in office. Souza’s forthcoming book, which will share 250 to 300 photos from his collection of over 2 million, will craft an inspiring and authentic portrait of the man we have been proud to call our own. While Pete Souza’s iconic photos, his never-before-shared stories, and his friendship with the most powerful man in the world, will be inadequate replacement for the man who, for eight years, has made us believe the best in ourselves, it will be something to hold onto, to page though, to show our children, to inspire us, and to remind us of the promise President Barack Obama made as he prepared to step down from office: that the best for our country is yet to come.

Pete Souza was the Chief Official White House Photographer for President Obama, and the Director of the White House photo office. Previously Souza has worked as an Assistant Professor of Photojournalism at Ohio University, the national photographer for the Chicago Tribune based in their Washington bureau, a freelancer for National Geographic, and as Official White House Photographer for President Reagan. Souza’s book, « The Rise of Barack Obama, » was published in July 2008 and was on the New York Times bestseller list for five weeks.


Blake Catalogue 2017 FINAL

The biggest data leak in the history of sport and what it reveals about big money in international football

The Life 1963-2016
Emily Herbert
February 2017

Born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, George Michael was raised in a family of Greek Cypriot immigrants in North London, and dreamed of stardom when he was a little boy. At just twelve years old he met Andrew Ridgeley and the two of them went on to achieve stunning success in the early 1980s with Wham!, creating music that remains popular to this day. Yet despite the enormous success of Wham!, George wanted more, and so set about recreating himself as a serious solo artist, reaching heights of even greater success. Ironically, however, even from the early days he was plagued with insecurity about his sexuality, which, combined with the calamity of losing his first lover to AIDS and his mother to cancer, plunged him into a lifelong struggle with drug addiction. He died, at the tragically early age of just fifty-three, on Christmas Day 2016.

Emily Herbert is a very experienced author and journalist. She has written biographies of numerous celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Katie Price, Gok Wan and Stephen Gately and contributed to a range of national newspapers.


Laura Dail – London 2017

A new approach to weight loss based on the Buddha’s teachings and the latest scientific research. Simple, clear, and effective, it has more to do with when you eat than what you eat

The Ancient Art of Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind
Dan Zigmond & Tara Wright
Running Press
, September 2016

A science-based, spiritually inspired, time-tested guide to weight loss. I just loved reading this. Fascinating! » – Kim Barnouin, co-author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Skinny Bitch

Buddha said very little about food, but the one thing he did say he said emphatically: that his followers should avoid “untimely eating.”
Over 2,500 years later, scientists call this “time restricted feeding,” and studies show it is highly effective in weight loss.
Using Buddha’s own story and wisdom, and combining it with modern science, the authors of this book outline a sustainable healthy lifestyle that promises you will lose weight without losing your mind.

Dan Zigmond is a Zen priest who lives and works in Silicon Valley. Tara C. Wright currently manages the website for Stanford University’s Business School.

Rights sold: Czech Republic (Anag), Italy (Centauria) and Poland (Illuminatio)


DeFiore LBF17 Adult

Author, illustrator and comic book artist Yumi Sakugawa shares a wide range of useful and unexpected tips for looking and feeling better, streamlining and improving your home life, and creating fun and artsy DIY projects that can brighten your living space

How to Make Your Life Happier, Healthier, and More Beautiful
Yumi Sakugawa
St Martin’s Griffin
, May 2017

Inspired by her popular “Secret Yumiverse” tips originally posted on, The Little Book of Life Hacks offers a wide range of practical advice and fun tips for everything from how to:

– Remove dark circles from under your eyes

– Make cold brew iced coffee at home

– Throw the perfect apartment party on a budget

– Work out at home without a gym membership

– Take the perfect afternoon power nap…and more!

Featuring Yumi’s signature hand-drawn illustrations throughout, THE LITTLE BOOK OF LIFE HACKS is a distinctive and perfect gift for recent graduates and young working women who want to learn practical ways to organize and improve their daily life while still having fun.

Yumi Sakugawa is a comic book artist and the author of two previous titles.

1 Following Amy Morin’s first International Bestseller 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, 13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG PARENTS DON’T DO will teach parents how to raise kids with the kind of mental strength and resilience to live happy, healthy, self-assured lives

Raising Self-Assured Children and Training Their Brains for a Life of Happiness, Meaning and Success

Amy Morin
Morrow, September 2017

The author is a licensed clinical social worker, college psychology instructor and psychotherapist. She’s a regular contributor to Forbes, Inc., Psychology Today, and Verywell. In 2013, her article, « 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, » became a viral sensation when it was read by over 30 million people. Her Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling book, also titled « 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, » is being translated into 25 languages.

Amy Morin gave one of the most popular TEDx talks of all time. Her advice has been featured on or in numerous media outlets including Time, Fox News, Today, Fast Company,, Business Insider, Success, Good Housekeeping, Elle, and Cosmopolitan.


In April 2017, the front page of the Sunday New York Times Metropolitan section was devoted to the story of an unlikely hero…

Coming of Age with Varian Fry and the Underground in Wartime France
by Justus Rosenberg
William Morrow, 2018

Justus Rosenberg, shockingly spry at 95 and teaching a full load of World Literature classes at Bard College, turns out to have been instrumental in saving countless lives during the Holocaust. Born in Danzig (now Gdansk), Poland, to a Jewish family, Rosenberg fled to France in 1937 and, remarkably, remained there throughout the war, fighting with the Resistance, escaping from a detention camp whose internees were destined for Auschwitz, and joining the underground network of Varian Fry. Fry, a journalist who helped over two thousand artists and intellectuals escape Europe for the safety of the U.S.—including Marc Chagall, Franz Werfel, Alma Mahler, Hannah Arendt, Max Ernst, and André Breton—put 19-year-old Rosenberg to work running dangerous missions that included scouting border crossings, procuring false documents, and getting those documents into the hands of refugees. Rosenberg is now considered to be the last living member of Fry’s courageous band of rescuers.

Justus Rosenberg is a Commander of the French Legion of Honor and has been awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He is also Professor Emeritus of Languages and Literature at Bard College in New York. He has previously taught at Swarthmore College, New York University, and Singapore University.


Gernert London 2017 Rights Guide

The wildly popular author of “Bad Arguments” returns with a funny, smart exploration of algorithms in everyday life

How Algorithms Can Help You Think Smarter and Live Happier
by Ali Almossawi
Viking, April 2017

In fewer than 200 pages, Almossawi demystifies a new topic of increasing relevance to our lives: algorithms. BAD CHOICES is a book for anyone who’s looked at a given task and wondered if there was a better, faster way to get the task done. What’s the best way to organize a grocery list? What’s the secret to being more productive at work? How can we better express ourselves in 140-characters? Presenting us with alternative methods for tackling twelve different scenarios, Almossawi guides us to better choices that borrow from same systems that underline a computer word processor, a Google search engine, or a Facebook ad. Once you recognize what makes a method faster and more efficient, you’ll become a more nimble, creative problem-solver, ready to face new challenges.

Ali Alossawi works on the Firefox team at Mozilla and is an alumnus of MIT’s Engineering Systems Division and Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science. He is the author of “An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments”, which has been read by 2.3 million people and translated into sixteen languages.

Rights sold: John Murray (UK & BC), MaeKyung (Korea), Toyo Keizai (Japan), China CITIC (China), Business Week (Taiwan), Eksmo (Russia)


A trenchant analysis of the rise of economists’ influence around the world in the past century and how it has shaped our current political order, from the Washington correspondent of the New York Times

The Rise of a Discipline, the Failures of Globalization, and the Road to Nationalism
by Binyamin Appelbaum
Little Brown, TBA

This is the story of how, in the decades that followed World War II, a single academic discipline—Economics, one long seen as a “soft,” imprecise, and inferior science, much to the resentment of its disciples—moved out of the realm of the classroom and peer-reviewed journals and in short order took hold of the levers of power and policy in government, first in the U.S., and then around the world. For the past 40 years or so, most of the world has been living in what amounts to a grand experiment, in which the theories of free-market orthodoxy—lower taxes, low inflation, deregulation, free trade, markets in all things—have been put into practice in the laboratory of our lives. It turns out most of the subjects don’t much like the results. And that we don’t quite behave in the way the Nobel-winning models and equations predicted we would. THE ECONOMISTS’ HOUR is coming to an end, and the world they’ve left us with feels less predictable than when it began.

Binyamin Appelbaum is a Washington correspondent for the New York Times, where he covers the Federal Reserve and other aspects of economic policy.


The basic notion of a bunch of technologies that’ll shape the world in your lifetime

25 Technologies That Will Make the Future Awesome
by Zach Weinersmith and Dr. Kelly Weinersmith
Penguin Press, Autumn 2017

In this smart and funny book, celebrated cartoonist Zach Weinersmith and noted researcher Dr. Kelly Weinersmith give us a snapshot of what’s coming next—from robot swarms to nuclear fusion powered toasters to space elevators to robotic construction. By weaving their own research, interviews with the scientists who are making these advances happen, and Zach’s trademark comics, the Weinersmiths investigate why these technologies are needed, how they would work, and what is standing in their way.

Zach Weinersmith is the founder, brain and artist behind Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – a very popular web comic that explores all sorts of topics with a smart, funny voice. His work has been featured in The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, io9, NPR, the Freakonomics Blog, Entertainment Weekly, Mother Jones, CNN, Discovery Magazine and more. Zach’s last two books were launched on Kickstarter and raised over $700,000 combined in 30 days each. His most recent book is the most funded children’s book ever on Kickstarter. SMBC has an international following as well.

Dr. Kelly Weinersmith is Adjunct Faculty in the BioSciences Department at Rice University, where she studies parasites that manipulate the behavior of their hosts.


Frances Goldin

An interrogation of our most cherished ideas of love and happiness, by the author of the most read ‘Modern Love’ column ever

by Mandy Len Catron
S&S, June 2017

When Mandy Len Catron’s New York Times “Modern Love” essay, “To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This,” was published in January 2015, it immediately went viral, seen and shared by more than 10 million people, all over the globe. It inspired copycats, satires, mass dates, sitcom episodes and reality shows. That piece was a kind of love story. Now Catron, in her debut collection of essays, turns the tables, and asks, why are love stories so powerful? Where do our romantic myths come from, and do we really like where they take us? Is romance the only way to think about love? A blend of memoir, research into neurobiology and social science, and literary meditation, Catron will interrogate our most cherished ideas of love and happiness, our Cinderella fantasies and happily ever after’s.

Mandy Len Catron has published essays in The New York Times Magazine, Under the Sun, Essay Daily, The Vancouver Review, Under the Gum Tree, and Folio, among others. Her TED talk is widely popular (TED), as is her blog “The Love Story Project.”


Why does one person becomes a drug addict and not another? This is the central question that has motivated Dr. Judith Grisel for the more than two decades of research she has done into the neurobiology of addiction

The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction
by Judy Grisel
Doubleday, TBA

Once a hopeless addict herself – homeless, disowned and kicked out of three colleges – Dr. Grisel eventually got sober, went back to school and today is an internationally recognized professor and neurobiologist, specializing in addiction research. One can see why this question was of more than just academic interest to her. NEVER ENOUGH interweaves the author’s own remarkable story and insights with the very latest on addiction research and brain function. By translating cutting-edge scientific knowledge into everyday language, readers of NEVER ENOUGH will understand what is different about the brains of addicts even before they pick up their first drink or drug, the ways that addictive substances commandeer normal brain function, and the changes that take place in the brain and behavior as a result of chronic using that make recovery so unlikely. They will also learn about surprising hidden gifts of addiction, for individual addicts as well as society in general.

Judy Grisel is an internationally recognized expert on the neurobiology of addiction. She is Professor of Psychology at Bucknell University.


The life of one of the greatest photographer

A Life in Photography
by Julia Van Haaften
W.W. Norton, Fall 2017

Former photography curator of the NY Public Library and Museum of the City of New York Julia Van Haaften’s BERENICE ABBOTT: A LIFE IN PHOTOGRAPHY, chronicling the long life and invaluable contributions of one of the 20th century’s iconic photographers, who seemed to be part of every significant cultural period, from her early years living in Greenwich Village, photographing Paris in the 1920s and New York City during the Great Depression, pioneering science photography, as well as her saving the work of Eugene Atget.

JULIA VAN HAAFTEN is a prolific writer and curator. She most recently curated Berenice Abbott: Photography and Science (2012) for the MIT Museum, which traveled to Moscow’s Multimedia Art Museum.


Dr. Renee Engeln, reveals the shocking consequences of girls’ obsession with appearance on their emotional and physical health, their wallets and their ambitions, including depression, eating disorders, disruptions in cognitive processing, and lost money and time

How the Cultural Obsession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women
by Renee Engeln, Phd
, April 2017

Today’s young women embody a bewildering set of contradictions when it comes to beauty. They don’t want to be Barbie dolls, but, like generations of women before them, feel they must look like them. They’re angry about media’s treatment of women, but hungrily consume the very outlets that belittle them. They mock modern culture’s absurd beauty ideal and make videos exposing Photoshopping tricks, but try to emulate the same images they criticize by posing with a “skinny arm.” They understand what they see isn’t real, but still download apps to airbrush their selfies. Yet these same young women are fierce fighters for the issues they care about. They are ready to drop their mirrors and create a different world for themselves, but they need a way forward. Combing scientific studies with the voices of real young women, Renee Engeln makes clear that to truly fulfill their potential, women must break free from these destructive desires, attitudes, and words—from fat-shaming to denigrating commentary.

Dr. Renee Engeln is an award-winning professor of psychology at Northwestern University and has taught at Loyola University. Her work has appeared in numerous academic journals and at academic conferences and she speaks to groups across the country.


An epic story of heroism, courage, and patriotism that will not soon be forgotten

The Untold Story of the Jews Who Escaped the Nazis and Returned With the U.S. Army to Fight Hitler
Bruce Henderson
William Morrow
, July 2017

In 1942, the U.S. Army unleashed one of its greatest secret weapons in the battle to defeat Adolf Hitler: training nearly 2,000 German-born Jews in special interrogation techniques and making use of their mastery of the German language, history, and customs. Known as the Ritchie Boys, they were sent in small, elite teams to join every major combat unit in Europe, where they interrogated German POWs and gathered crucial intelligence that saved American lives and helped win the war. Though they knew what the Nazis would do to them if they were captured, they eagerly joined the fight to defeat Hitler. As they did, many of them did not know the fates of their own families left behind in occupied Europe. Taking part in every major campaign in Europe, they collected key tactical intelligence on enemy strength, troop and armored movements, and defensive positions. A postwar Army report found that more than sixty percent of the credible intelligence gathered in Europe came from the Ritchie Boys.

Bruce Henderson is the author of more than twenty nonfiction books, including the #1 New York Times bestseller “And the Sea Will Tell”, the national bestseller “Hero Found”, and “Rescue at Los Baños”.


An inspiring and highly relatable story that shows us as the universal search for joy is much more attainable than many people think

How I Took 30 Days to Stop Worrying, Quit Complaining, and Find Ridiculous Happiness
Kaia Roman
Thomas Dunne
, July 2017

As a mother, a wife, and a businesswoman, Kaia Roman always had a plan. But when her biggest plan, the business she co-founded, collapsed, Kaia found herself crushed by depression. And what felt even worse was that, with a husband and two kids relying on her, she didn’t have a plan to move forward. Determined to turn her life around and put her ingrained habits of stress and anxiety behind her, Kaia decided to put everything else on hold and dedicate thirty days to the singular pursuit of joy. The results were astonishing― and lasted much longer than the initial month-long project. In this uplifting and eye-opening memoir, Kaia Roman uses her business savvy to create a month-long Joy Plan to get back on her feet fast.

THE JOY PLAN is Kaia Roman’s first memoir/personal growth book. Over the past twenty years, Kaia has been a planner, publicist, ghost writer, and editor for people, projects, and products working toward a better world.


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A book that explores the majority response to ethnic change in Western Europe, North America and Australasia

Immigration, Populism and the Myth of Majority Decline
by Professor Eric Kaufmann
Proposal on submission

Across the West, anti-immigration populists are tearing a path through the normal politics of left and right. Immigration is remaking Europe and North America: over half of American babies are non-white, and by the end of the century, minorities and those of mixed race are projected to form the majority in many countries. We are in the midst of a transition phase where the left-right distinction is being overshadowed by a culture war pitting whites who dislike diversity against those who embrace it. Ethnic transformation will continue but conservative whites are unlikely to exit quietly. Their alienation is already redrawing political lines and convulsing societies across the West. Based on detailed and exhaustive quantitative research, and enriched with illustrative stories, Eric Kaufmann, Professor of Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London, calls for us to move beyond empty talk about state-national identity and open up debate about the future of white majorities. He argues that we must ditch the ‘diversity myth’ that whites will dwindle, replacing it with whiteshift – a story of majority transformation.

Professor Eric Kaufmann has been researching immigration, religion and national identity for over twenty years and has written for leading academic and trade presses. His work has received extensive print, television and radio coverage on both sides of the Atlantic.


Levine Greenberg – London List Non Fiction

A pioneering psychologist reveals the most effective route to success relies on just three emotions

The Power of Compassion, Gratitude and Pride
by David DeSteno
Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
, January 2018

A string of bestsellers has alerted us to the link between greatness and grit—the ability to persevere and control one’s impulses. But no book yet has revealed the most accessible and powerful path to grit: our three prosocial emotions. These feelings—gratitude, compassion, and pride—rather than the traditionally mentioned willpower and self-denial, are the most practical and successful stepping stones. While willpower is depleted all too fast, prosocial emotions become stronger with use. These emotions are also contagious. People around us become more likely to apply them when we do. This myth-shattering book explains why prosocial emotions are so effective. They evolved specifically to help us delay our gratification. Compassion disables our innate desire for short-term gains and makes us more resilient. DeSteno shows us how to strengthen our prosocial emotions, right now and for the future. Whether your child is taking the Marshmallow Test or you’re about to tackle the Whole30, Emotional Success will give you the tools you need to pull you through.

David DeSteno is a professor of psychology at Northeastern University, where he directs the Social Emotions Group. He is the author of “The Truth About Trust” and coauthor of the Wall Street Journal spotlight psychology bestseller “Out of Character”. He frequently writes about his research for the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Harvard Business Review, Pacific Standard, and the Atlantic.


Packed with pragmatic exercises and stories of real people who have used them successfully, STICK WITH IT shows that it is possible to control spending, stick to a diet, become more social, exercise regularly, stop compulsively checking e-mail, and overcome problem behaviors—forever

The Science of Lasting Changes
by Sean D. Young
, June 2017

Whether it’s absent-minded mistakes at work, a weakness for junk food, a smart phone addiction, or a lack of exercise, everyone has some bad habit or behavior that they’d like to change. But wanting to change and actually doing it—and sticking with it—are two very different things. Dr. Sean Young, an authoritative new voice in the field of behavioral science, knows a great deal about our habits—how we make them and how we can break them. STICK WITH IT is his fascinating look at the science of behavior, filled with crucial knowledge and practical advice to help everyone successfully alter their actions and improve their lives. As Dr. Young explains, you don’t change behavior by changing the person, you do it by changing the process. Drawing on his own scientific research and that of other leading experts in the field, he explains why change can be difficult and identifies the crucial forces that combine to make transformation permanent, from the right way to create new habits to how to harness emotional meaning to motivate change.

Sean D. Young is an award-winning psychologist and director of the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior.

1 A fresh, entertaining memoir about how we sometimes discover our true home only after we’ve left it

The World on the Streets of Calcutta
Kushanava Choudhury
Bloomsbury Publishing
, August 2017

The immigrant myth tells us that the past is gone, the future awaits—start over. But, as all migrants well know, dreams of home are powerful things, drawing us to our deepest impulses for a shared identity, luring us back to a time and place impossible to forget—even as memories inevitably fade, the desire for return seems to grow. Kushanava Choudhury’s THE EPIC CITY is the funny, touching, insightful memoir of a man who followed those dreams back to Calcutta, the fascinating megacity of his childhood, in search of an elusive feeling of completion, driven by what he calls an overwhelming “ambivalent passion” for his family’s and his city’s storied past, and the complex cultural history he carries within.

Kushanava Choudhury was a Senior Fellow in the Critical Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He holds a PhD in Political Science from Yale and an undergraduate degree from Princeton. In his junior year, he was one of 16 students in John McPhee’s legendary nonfiction writing seminar. His articles have appeared in The Statesman, The New York Times,, The Telegraph (India) and Business Day (South Africa). THE EPIC CITY is his book debut.


The fascinating never-told-before true story of the spectacular undetected spying career of the only Soviet agent to ever hold a top-security clearance at a US nuclear facility

Ann Hagedorn
Simon & Schuster
, 2018

Written by an award-winning author, journalist and former Wall Street Journal staff writer UNDETECTED, tells the shocking, long-suppressed true story of George Koval (code name: Delmar), the brilliant Soviet spy who infiltrated the Manhattan Project and stole the American secrets for producing polonium, tracing his early life as the son of a Russian immigrant family in Sioux City, Iowa, where he played shortstop on the baseball team and acted in the local theater company to his training as a military intelligence officer in the Soviet Union and his re-entry into the US Army as a sleeper agent,. He operated for over eight years undiscovered by US intelligence and eventually returned to live in obscurity in Moscow until the “Delmar” files were improbably unearthed.

Ann Hagedorn, an award-winning author and journalist, has been a staff writer for The Wall Street Journal and has written for other publications including The Washington Post. She is the author of SAVAGE PEACE: Hope and Fear in America, 1919 (Simon & Schuster); BEYOND THE RIVER: A True Story of the Underground Railroad (Simon & Schuster); RANSOM: The Untold Story of Global Kidnapping (Holt) and WILD RIDE: The Rise and Fall of Calumet Farm, Inc. America’s Premier Racing Dynasty (Holt).


Then why is it so hard to get started and to stick with it? JUST SIT is designed to answer these two key questions by de-mystifying meditation and offering a practical, hands-on, do-able strategy

A Meditation Guidebook for People Who Know They Should But Don’t
Sukey Novogratz and Elizabeth Novogratz
, December 2017

This is meditation minus the candles and bells, the auras and inscrutability and the belief system theories – offered by two women who could be your best friends, mainstreaming meditation, showing how it can fit into anyone’s busy schedule in a very simple accessible way. There aren’t rules and regulations. It doesn’t take much time, you don’t have to sit any special way or be in a specific, special place, it doesn’t cost anything, and you don’t need any equipment. You just need a viable plan to motivate to show up and sit, to do it (not just think about it) and that is what this book is all about and what makes it different from the other meditation guides on the market.

Sukey Novogratz and Elizabeth Novogratz are the founders of The Well Daily, a celebrated daily health and wellness newsletter that attracted over eighty thousand subscribers. They have learned from many renowned teachers, including Sharon Salzberg, Krishna Das, Ram Dass, Andy Puddicomb, Amma, Tony Robbins, and the monks at One World Academy in Chennai, India.


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Michael Kupperman’s first graphic novel-style memoir is the real story of what it means to be a child prodigy, and also of what it means to be the child of a prodigy

Michael Kupperman
Gallery 13/Simon & Schuster,

The book recounts the son’s story of his difficult father, the world-famous “Quiz Kid” Joel Kupperman, the genius who was one of the most famous children in the world during the decades following World War II and the basis of numerous characters in works of American fiction and film (chronicled in the works of J.D. Salinger, Philip Roth, Paul Thomas Anderson, Woody Allen, Chris Ware, and many others). After his years of childhood fame, Joel withdrew completely from the public eye and spent the remainder of his life in relative anonymity. The book retells the story of Joel Kupperman’s fame through the eyes of his adult son, now taking care of the older man as he deteriorates under a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Eisner Award-winning artist Michael Kupperman, also known by the pseudonym P. Revess, created “Up All Night” and “Found in the Street”, and has written books published by HarperCollins, DC Comics, Fantagraphics and McSweeney’s.


This book is The Monuments Men, with atomic weapons

The Secret U.S.-Soviet Race to Capture the Most Dangerous Man in Germany
by James Mauro
Touchstone/Simon & Schuster,

In 1943, the Manhattan Project’s leading scientists, including the famous Robert Oppenheimer, urge American soldiers to kidnap German scientists and their stockpiled materials to prevent Hitler from gaining control of nuclear weapons. At the top of their list is the most dangerous man in Germany—not Hitler or Himmler but Nobel Prize-winning physicist Werner Heisenberg. A team of soldiers, scientists, spies, and assassins are dispatched on a daring and top -secret mission: to kidnap and potentially kill more than a dozen physicists in Germany, France, and Italy. Operation Alsos is born. The men rush to search key targets before anyone else—often finding themselves behind enemy lines. They aren’t just racing the retreating Germans. If the Americans didn’t find them first, the Russians would. Stalin, less worried about the possibility of a Nazi bomb than he is about the near-certainty of an American one, dispatches Russian military counterintelligence agents. Working against each other, grabbing whatever they can and sabotaging the rest, a secret battle takes place between touchy allies. In many ways, it was a war within a war.

James Mauro has been a journalist, writer and magazine editor for more than twenty-five years. He is also the author of “Twilight at the World of Tomorrow: Genius, Madness, Murder, and the 1939 World’s Fair on the Brink of War” (Ballantine/Random House, 2010).


St. Martin’s Press_London 2017

A book that will appeal to readers of Ben Horowitz’s “The Hard Thing about Hard Things” and Lazlo Bock’s “Work Rules”

Be a Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity
by Kim Malone Scott
St. Martin’s Press
, March 2017

RADICAL CANDOR captures critical ideas about how to manage people—and why. Kim Scott shares here all of the best management insights and stories that she has accumulated over the years: from her early job starting up a diamond cutting factory in Russia, to her days at Harvard Business School, to her years as CEO of a tech startup in New York, and her long career as a recognized leader and guru in Silicon Valley. Organized around four essential things that every good manager deals with on a regular basis—creative guidance, collaborative goal setting, team building, and organizational flow—this book will show readers how to be a more efficient, more innovative, and more caring boss.

Kim Malone Scott led a 700 person sales team at Google, designed and taught a management class for Apple, and is now a CEO coach for many well-known tech companies and startups.


Sterling Lord LBF2017 Rights Guide

Time” is the most commonly used noun in the English language; we all live in it and organize ourselves around it. But what is time exactly?

A Mostly Scientific Investigation
by Alan Burdick
Simon & Schuster
, January 2017

In this witty, graceful, and intimate exploration, award-winning author Alan Burdick takes readers along on a quest to understand the clocks that tick inside us all. For the better part of a decade, Burdick, a New Yorker staff writer and National Book Award finalist, journeyed among scientists studying the most vexing questions about our perceptions of time. Along the way he visits the most accurate clock in the world—which exists only on paper; he discovers that “now” actually happened a split-second ago; he lived in the Arctic, in a bid to lose all sense of time; and, for one fleeting moment in a neuroscientist’s lab, he even made time go backward. The result is an instant classic, a vivid and deeply moving examination of the stuff that makes us human.

Alan Burdick is a senior editor at The New Yorker and a contributing editor for OnEarth, where he writes the Synthesist column about technology and nature. His first nonfiction book, “Out of Eden: An Odyssey of Ecological Invasion”, was a National Book Award finalist and won the Overseas Press Club Award for environmental reporting.

Rights sold: Germany (Campus Verlag)


The first narrative non-fiction book about Tibet in decades

A Tibetan Coming Of Age Story
y Barbara Demick
Spiegel & Grau
, August 2017

Disenchanted westerners turn to Tibetan Buddhism to salve their existential anxieties, but know little about the six million people living in Tibet. It is a word that rolls easily off the tip of the tongue, a place that everybody knows about but few people know. The omission is not the result of a failure of imagination or effort. Scholars cannot get visas from the Chinese government, while journalists are banned entirely from most of Tibet and restricted from reporting elsewhere. The book will take place in Aba, a town perched at 12,000 feet altitude in Sichuan province on the eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau. The place has been the engine of Tibetan resistance for decades and in recent years made headlines around the world because of the large number of young Tibetans who immolated themselves in protest of Chinese polices. In this coming of age story Eat the Buddha will follow Dongtuk, a 17-year old Tibetan boy who needs to decide if he will follow a friend into flaming martyrdom, redeeming himself for his cowardice in the past.

Barbara Demick is the author of the bestselling book “Nothing to Envy”, about the equally impenetrable realm of North Korea.

Rights sold: Australia (Text) Germany (Droemer) UK (Granta)


What do you do when you suddenly find yourself confronted with a mortal threat to your society’s fundamental, stabilizing principles?

y Rebecca Donner
Lee Boudreaux Books
, 2019

Mildred Harnack chose to stand. Milwaukee-born, she was the leader of the largest anti-Nazi resistance group in Germany, and the only American woman to be put to death on Hitler’s orders. Despite its unmatched vastness, the record of World War II atrocity and nobility will forever remain incomplete. This ever-expanding volume of belligerence and courage is perhaps the most gravely gendered historical document we have; a war perpetrated, suffered and recounted by men. There are periodically polite acknowledgments of the roles played by woman in ‘aiding’ the war effort, but these usually have the hollow ring of tokenism. Mildred Harnack’s short but monumental life shows us just how incomplete that record remains. From 1933-42, with her German husband, Arvid, Mildred led a cell that couriered top secret military intelligence to the Allies, helped dissidents and persecuted minorities escape Germany, and distributed literature that encouraged civil disobedience and exposed Nazi plans. Rebecca Donner, Mildred’s great-great niece, will give Mildred’s immemorial story the monumental legacy it deserves. With a novelist’s style and a reporter’s access to family archives and extensive public record, Rebecca will write a book that will stand as the inspired record of and testament to that noble resistance.

Rebecca Donner is the author of the novel, “Sunset Terrace”, and a graphic novel, “Burnout”. Her essays, reportage and reviews have appeared in The New York Times, Bookforum, Guernica, and other publications.


Behind every dark moment, there is another hidden world. The trick is to hold out long enough to make it there.”

Making A Home Where Both Sides Of Jerusalem Collides
by Stephanie Saldaña
, February 2017

When American writer Stephanie Saldaña finds herself in an empty house at the beginning of Nablus Road, the dividing line between East and West Jerusalem, she is a new wife trying to navigate a fragile terrain, both within her marriage and throughout the country in which she has chosen to live. Pregnant with her first child, Stephanie struggles to protect her family, their faith, and herself from the cracks of Middle Eastern conflict that threaten to shatter the world around her. But as her due date approaches, she must reconcile herself with her choice to bring a child into a dangerous world. Determined to piece together life from the brokenness, she sets out to uncover small instances of beauty to balance the delicate coexistence between love, motherhood, and a country so often at war. In an urban valley in Jerusalem, A COUNTRY BETWEEN captures the fragile ecosystem of the Middle East and the difficult first years of motherhood in the midst of a conflict-torn city. What unfolds is a celebration of faith, language, family, and love that fills the space between what was shattered, leaving us whole once more.

Stephanie Saldaña has won several awards for her poetry. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children and teaches at al-Quds Bard College, a partnership between Al-Quds University and Bard College in New York. She is the author of “The Bread of Angels”.


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Three self-published books that have sold more than 100,000 copies each

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

Joshua and Ryan are best friends who left their corporate careers at the age of 30, who toured internationally on their first book, MINIMALISM: Live a Meaningful Life” and their message/philosophy has been featured all over the media – including in the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, NBC News, New York Times, TIME magazine, Slate, NPR, People, the Washington Post, amongst many more. In January 2016, they launched their own podcast, “The Minimalists” which is now touted as the #1 Health podcast on iTunes and is in the top 10 of all podcasts.

MINIMALISM (2011) is their debut that provides the answers to WHAT: What is a meaningful life? They focus on the five key values that promote meaning in their life.

EVERYTHING THAT REMAINS (2014) explains the WHY for Millburn’s exploration into letting go and living more deliberately.

ESSENTIAL (2015) is a collection of essays from their website that focuses on the HOW: providing 12 distinct areas of intentional living, from decluttering, gift-giving, passion, health, etc answering the question, “How would my life be better with less?”

These three titles have been translated into 7 foreign languages – their message has clearly reached a worldwide audience because they were approached for each of these licenses through no salesmanship of their own. They also have a documentary that they’re planning on distributing via Netflix – right now it’s only available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland.


Wisdom Pub 2017 Trade Catalog

The bestselling author of “Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung?” and one of the world’s most beloved Buddhist monks answers meditators’ questions

Everything You Wanted To Know About Meditation but Were Waiting For Someone Else To Ask
by Ajahn Brahm
November 2017

Ajahn Brahm is known and admired not only for his insights and deep experience of meditation but also for his sense of humor. His “bad” jokes lift the mood and open the heart to a kinder and more compassionate perspective. Often the truth of what he says is in the joke itself. But the main purpose in looking on the bright side is to release problems that are keeping us from moving forward on the Buddhist path. Originally conceived to commemorate Ajahn Brahm’s fortieth anniversary as a monk, this book draws together questions and answers from retreats he led at his retreat center for lay meditators over several years.

After pursuing a degree in theoretical physics from Cambridge University, Ajahn Brahm headed off to a forest monastery in Thailand, where he studied under the famed meditation master Ajahn Chah for nine years starting in the mid-1970s. A Buddhist monk for over thirty years, he is now the abbot and spiritual director of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia and is in demand worldwide both as a spiritual teacher and as a popular speaker.


The bestselling author of Mindfulness in Plain English invites us to explore the joyful benefits of living with loving-kindness

The Practice of Metta

Bhante Gunaratana
March 2017

With his signature clarity and warmth, Bhante Gunaratana shares with us how we can cultivate loving-kindness to live a life of joyful harmony with others. Through personal anecdotes, step-by-step meditations, conversational renderings of the Buddha’s words in the suttas, and transformative insights into how we live in and relate to the world, we learn that peace here and now is possible—within ourselves and in all our relationships. Bhante G speaks directly to how we can cultivate loving-kindness to find emotional clarity, overcome anger, and become more peaceful—both on and off the meditation cushion.

Bhante Gunaratana was ordained at the age of twelve as a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka, earned his PhD in philosophy from The American University, and has led meditation retreats, taught Buddhism, and lectured widely throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.


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What If?” meets “Emotional Agility” in this deeply researched and delightfully illustrated “why to” book about emotional fluency at work

Emotions at Work and How They Help Us Succeed
by Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy
Portfolio, Spring 2019

It’s no secret that how you’re feeling can affect your productivity. In recent years there has been an explosion of books and articles touting the virtues of emotional traits like confidence, flexibility, and resiliency in the workplace. But most of us are still working from an assumption that emotions at work are taboo, something to be overcome and pushed aside so we can all just focus on our jobs. That kind of attitude made sense during the height of the industrial economy—we kept our heads down, we did our work at work, we went home. But now our relationship to work is more complex. Productivity is a measure of connection, collaboration, and creativity—not widgets. And the knowledge economy workers who thrive? They listen to their instincts, communicate their emotions, and are honest about the inevitable joys and anxieties that come with a practically 24/7 career.

Liz Fosslien, a data visualization specialist, and Mollie West Duffy, an IDEO organizational designer, started off their partnership by co-authoring several viral articles in Fast Company, Quartz, and Quiet Revolution. Liz and Mollie are two full-on Millennial nerds with extensive professional networks, media savvy, and a highly original approach (self-experiments, illustrations and infographics, personal anecdotes).


Best-selling author Michael Lewis examines how a Nobel Prize–winning theory of the mind altered our perception of reality

A Friendship That Changed Our Minds
by Michael Lewis
Norton, December 2016

Forty years ago, Israeli psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky wrote a series of breathtakingly original studies undoing our assumptions about the decision-making process. Their papers showed the ways in which the human mind erred, systematically, when forced to make judgments about uncertain situations. Their work created the field of behavioral economics, revolutionized Big Data studies, advanced evidence-based medicine, led to a new approach to government regulation, and made much of Michael Lewis’s own work possible. Kahneman and Tversky are more responsible than anybody for the powerful trend to mistrust human intuition and defer to algorithms.

Michael Lewis is the international bestselling author of THE BIG SHORT and FLASH BOYS.

Rights sold: (Brazil Intrinseca), China (CITIC), Germany (Campus), Japan (Bungeishunju), Korea (Gimm-Young), Spain (PRH/Debate), Taiwan (Good Morning Press).