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Abrams Rights Guide Adult London 2018

A deep dive into one of the most fascinating subgenres of any music category to date

by Soren Baker
Abrams Image, September 2018

Sixteen detailed chapters, organized chronologically, examine the evolution of gangster rap, its main players, and the culture that created this revolutionary music. From still-swirling conspiracy theories about the murders of Biggie and Tupac to the release of the 2015 film Straight Outta Compton, the era of gangster rap is one that fascinates music junkies and remains at the forefront of pop culture. Filled with interviews with key players such as Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, and dozens more, as well as sidebars, breakout bios of notorious characters, lists, charts, and more, THE HISTORY OF GANGSTER RAP is the be-all-end-all book that contextualizes the importance of gangster rap as a cultural phenomenon.

Soren Baker has written more than 3 500 articles, and his work is published in such outlets as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Rolling Stone. Currently, he’s working on producing a script he wrote for Snoop Dogg.


This fast-paced, highly illustrated tour of the inner workings of the brain makes improving your memory simple and fun

The Names of People You Meet, All of your Passwords, Where you Left your Keys, and Everything Else you tend to Forget
by Nelson Dellis
Illustrations by Adam Hayes
Abrams Image, September 2018

Throughout his research into memory theory, Nelson Dellis found existing memory improvement guides to be wanting—overcomplicated, dry, and stodgy. So he decided to write a book that is approachable and fun, centered on what people actually need to remember. In Remember It!, Dellis teaches us how to make the most of our memory, using his competition-winning techniques. Presenting the information in a user-friendly way, Dellis off ers bite-size chapters, addressing things we wish we could remember but often forget: names, grocery lists, phone numbers, where you left your keys—you name it!

Nelson Dellis holds a number of memory records, is a four-time USA Memory Champion, and a Grandmaster of Memory. He is a highly sought after memory expert and public speaker and has made appearances on the Today show, ABC’s Nightline, The Dr. Oz Show, Katie, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and more.


A vividly illustrated monograph, that is sure to deliver exactly upon the promise of its subtitle

This Book Really Ties The Films Together
by Adam Nayman
Illustrations by Telegramme
Abrams Books, September 2018

From such cult hits as “Raising Arizona” (1987) and “The Big Lebowski” (1998) to major critical darlings “Fargo” (1996), “No Country for Old Men” (2007), and “Inside Llewyn Davis” (2013), Ethan and Joel Coen have cultivated a bleakly comical, instantly recognizable voice in modern American cinema. Drawing from the best elements of any interview-driven retrospective, film critic Adam Nayman carefully sifts through the Coen brothers’ complex cinematic universe in an effort to plot, as he puts it, “some Grand Unified Theory of Coen-ness.” The book combines critical text with a visual aesthetic that honors the Coen’s singular mix of darkness and levity. Featuring film stills, punchy infographics, and hard insight, this book will be the definitive exploration of the Coen brother’s extant oeuvre, and a musthave keepsake for fans.

Adam Nayman is a film critic in Toronto for The Globe and Mail and The Grid and a contributing editor to Cinema Scope. He teaches film studies at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University and is a programmer for the Toronto Jewish Film Society.


In keeping with Anderson’s signature aesthetic vision, THE WES ANDERSON COLLECTION: Isle of Dogs is richly designed and rife with colorful behind-the-scenes images, photographs, concept artwork, and ephemera

by Lauren Wilford
Illustrations by Max Dalton
Abrams Books, March 2018

THE WES ANDERSON COLLECTION: ISLE OF DOGS takes readers behind the scenes of the beloved auteur’s newest animated film. Set in Japan and centered on a young boy’s search for his missing dog, “Isle of Dogs” features the voices of Anderson regulars Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Jeff Goldblum, F. Murray Abraham, Tilda Swinton, Bob Balaban, and Harvey Keitel. In the newest addition to the Wes Anderson Collection, the story of “Isle of Dogs”’s conception and production unfolds over the course of several in-depth interviews with Wes Anderson, all conducted by film critic Lauren Wilford. Anderson and his collaborators reveal entertaining anecdotes about the making of the film, their sources of inspiration, the ins and outs of stop-motion animation, and many other insights into their moviemaking process.

Lauren Wilford is a film writer based in Providence, Rhode Island. She is a senior editor at Bright Wall/Dark Room, an online magazine with offbeat, deeply human takes on film. Her bylines appear there and at, VICE, and Christianity Today.


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RandomHouse Germany_Reference_Spring_2018

Rogue state and travel destination – unique insights into a closed country

(Out and About in North Korea)
by Rüdiger Frank
DVA, February 2018

The distance between Europe and North Korea cannot be measured only in miles and kilometres. North Korea is a dictatorship that does not shy away from arresting tourists. If you really have to go there at all, you must on no account go without thorough preparation beforehand. If, however, you do decide to go you will be confronted by a confusingly manifold and often contradictory picture. In spite of ubiquitous censorship prevailing in North Korea, visitors are shown a great deal but nevertheless overlook a lot.
Rüdiger Frank is one of the world’s best authorities on North Korea and has travelled widely through the country in the past 25 years. In this book he sums up his travel experiences and gives readers a surprising inside view of daily life and culture in North Korea.

Rüdiger Frank studied economics, international relations and Korean studies. In the early 1990s he spent a semester as a language student at the Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang and since then has regularly travelled throughout the country. After teaching in New York and Seoul, he is now professor of East Asian economy and society at Vienna University and chairman of the university’s Institute of East Asian Sciences.


« An unforgettable excursion – that’s a promise. » Robert Hofrichter

(Under the Spell of the Ocean)
by Robert Hofrichter
Gütersloher Verlagshaus, March 2018

1,337,323,000 cubic kilometres: that is roughly the total amount of water contained in the oceans of this world – gigantic bath tubs that hold not only artists and poets in their spell but also marine researchers and biologists.
Robert Hofrichter is one of them, and here he tells fascinating stories about the wet cosmos enveloping the earth. We read of strange life designs and peculiar sexual practices in a battered ocean, make the acquaintance of friendly sharks and bad-tempered dolphins, find out more about monster waves, monsters living in the deep and the story of the source of all life.
This is a book as exciting as a dive deep down to the bottom of the sea!

Robert Hofrichter is a zoologist, biologist, environmentalist, journalist and nature photographer. As a lecturer he has been on the move to, in and on the oceans of this world for more than 30 years. Robert Hofrichter is the president of the sea protection organisation MareMundi.


We all want to die in dignity, but shouldn’t we first live in dignity?

by Gerald Hüther
Blanvalet, April 2018

Dignity is a grand term. But what exactly is dignity? What does it mean when our dignity is taken away from us – perhaps, for example, because in a digital world we only count as data sets or get abused on the Internet? Perhaps because our own behaviour is undignified and we debase others? In his new book, brain scientist Gerald Hüther demonstrates that dignity is not only a human right with an ethical and philosophical basis but also a neurobiologically founded inner compass which puts us in a position to not lose ourselves amidst the variety of demands and constraints we face from outside in a highly complex world. It is thus all the more important that we learn to reinforce our perception of our own dignity. The point is: if you are aware of your dignity, you cannot be led into temptation.

Gerald Hüther ranks as one of the best-known brain researchers in Germany. He writes books, gives lectures, counsels politicians and entrepreneurs and frequently takes part in radio and television discussions. He sees himself as a builder of bridges between scientific research on the one hand and, on the other, how in practical terms society and individuals live. His aim: the creation of a good basis to allow the development of human potential.


Animalistically intelligent: how animals make plans, learn and pass on what they know

(Why Whales Know Foreign Languages)
by Katharina Jakob
Heyne Paperback, March 2018

Orcas that learn the language of dolphins, or squirrels that can describe approaching human beings down to the colour of their T-shirts by whistling: animals think, plan and communicate, use tools and adapt them to their own needs, are altruistic, imagine the future – and some are even aware of their ego. Amazing? Yes, but true! Katharina Jakob’s impressive tales from the unknown world of animals contain the latest scientific insights – amazing and entertaining.

Katharina Jakob is a science journalist and contributes to Dogs, Die Zeit and others. One of her specialities is animal intelligence. She is regularly in contact with research scientists and reports on their work.


David Black London 2018

A book that takes you into the lives of the men and women in Cambridge on the cusp of the greatest tumult of the Civil Rights Movement to see just how such a collective identity crystallized

by Kent Garrett and Jeanne Ellsworth
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019

In 1959, Kent Garrett was admitted to Harvard along with seventeen other black freshmen, the largest group of African Americans ever to be admitted at one time. THE LAST NEGROES AT HARVARD is the story of the pioneering black men of the Harvard class of 1963. It awarded its first degree to a black man in 1870, but the class of 1963, with eighteen men, was the first to allow blacks to feel a collective identity. They were a diverse group. They came from farms, prep schools, the Caribbean, and housing projects. They had different skin colors and different ways of coping with the balance of assimilation into a rigid white hierarchy and maintaining—or, for themselves, inventing—the idea of what it means to be black. THE LAST NEGROES AT HARVARD will contextualize the voluble rise of identity politics that has become such an enormous part of contemporary campus experience at Harvard, at Yale, Amherst, Mizzou, Pomona, and countless other places where self-defined groups demand to set their own terms for social engagement.

Kent Garrett graduated from Harvard College in 1963 and worked for a few years in advertising, as an account executive and television commercial producer. Soon, however, journalism became his passion and he moved on to a career of over 30 years in television news. He was honored with two News & Documentary EMMY Awards in 1984.


With a foreword by Sir Richard Branson and award-winning actor and activist Mark Ruffalo, FRANKENPLANET is a high-profile campaign to incite a bold new outlook on the environment

How Controlling Nature and Geoengineering the Future Can Save the World
by Tom Kostigen
Tarcher Perigee/PRH, 2019

There is no going back. We are now past the point of irreversible global warming. That means that in the future, where we live, how we live, and the air we breathe are going to be radically altered. In order to survive, we will have to artificially modify nature. NYT bestselling author Tom Kostigen’s FRANKENPLANET is a narrative portrait of how we’ll set a new course for our future world. Can we make a better Earth? Or might we unleash unforeseen consequences that will bring about mass extinction? FRANKENPLANET takes us on gripping adventures to underground, off-the-grid, and prototype facilities the world over, where science is exploring the next step in the environmental movement: geoengineering, or artificially modifying nature.. Readers will dive into the waters surrounding the Great Barrier Reef, climb to top of mountains deep in the Panamanian jungle, trek through the Sahara Desert, and tunnel underground in Japan and Brazil, to join scientists on the front lines of geoengineering. Television rights have already been optioned by the highly acclaimed British production company Nutopia, the creative force behind the hit series “Planet Earth.”

Thomas M. Kostigen writes the “Ethics Monitor” column for Dow Jones MarketWatch. A longtime journalist and former Bloomberg News editor, he has written works that have appeared in numerous publications around the world.


Professor Deborah Lipstadt, the preeminent American historian of Holocaust Studies and Modern Jewish History, examines the root causes of the spike in anti-Jewish violence and vandalism that have plagued Europe and America in the last several years

Here and Now
by Deborah Lipstadt
Schocken/Knop, November 2018

Over the last decade, there has been a noticeable uptick in antisemitic rhetoric and incidents by left-wing groups targeting Jewish students and Jewish organizations on American college campuses. Jews in countries throughout Europe have been attacked by terrorists. And the re-emergence of the white nationalist movement in America, complete with Nazi slogans and imagery, has brought to mind the fascist displays of the 1930s. Where is all this hatred coming from? Is there any significant difference between left-wing and right-wing antisemitism? What role has the anti-Zionist movement played? And what can be done to combat this latest manifestation of an ancient hatred? In a series of letters to an imagined college student and imagined colleague, both of whom are perplexed by this resurgence, Deborah Lipstadt gives us her own superbly reasoned, brilliantly argued, and sure-to-be-controversial responses to these troubling questions. Comparable to the polemical works of Christopher Hitchens, ANTISEMITISM will be argumentative, controversial, and accessible. It will inform opinion and demand response. The award-winning author of The Eichmann Trial and Denial: Holocaust History on Trial gives us a penetrating and provocative analysis of the hate that will not die, focusing on its current, virulent incarnations on both the political right and left, and on what can be done about it.

Deborah Lipstadt is also the author of DENIAL: Holocaust History on Trial (formerly HISTORY ON TRIAL, Ecco 2005) and DENYING THE HOLOCAUST (Free Press 1993; Plume 1994).


Caskie Mushens London 2018

Barnett’s book aims to remove the stigma and myths continuing to surround the female body

by Emma Barnett

PERIOD is bold, unapologetic and a crusade to ignite conversation.
Time’s up on shame, on revulsion, on dashing to the toilet with a tampon hidden up your sleeve. Myth-debunking and taboo-busting, this is going to be the book that everyone is talking about. In this title, Barnett will question what is driving people’s squeamishness around the topic and probe harm it might be doing to women. In contrast she said her book is intended as « a joyful and irreverent rallying cry » celebrating periods.

Emma Barnett presents a daily show on BBC 5 Live. Recently named Radio Broadcaster of the Year by the Broadcasting Press

Guild, she writes a weekly column for The Sunday Times called ‘Tough Love’.


The perfect antidote in this time of anxiety and uncertainty

by Marc Hamer
Harvill Secker, TBA

On one level this book is, obviously, about moles and how to catch them but elegantly and beautifully interwoven into the narrative are the Writer’s thoughts and reflections on Nature, on Solitude and on Life itself. It is carefully constructed ,with judicious use of pithy poems to echo the sentiments of the lyrical, meditative but also earthy prose. Part Nature book and part fragmented memoir, there is a gentle strength in the writing that puts the reader at ease and a philosophical tone that reassures and gives comfort.

Rights sold: Holland (De Geus – preempt), Denmark (Kristeligst Dagblad Forlag – preempt), Italy (offer)

Marc Hamer is a gardener, poet and molecatcher living in South Wales.


The new title by Ece Temelkuran, whose books have been published in nineteen countries

The New Ice Age of Politics
by Ece Temelkuran
4th Estate, January 2019

Wide ranging, impassioned and provocative, this book dissects the global rise of populism, revealing patterns, dissecting root causes and exploring the myriad and complex ways countries, even our own, can sleep walk out of democracy. Temelkuran argues that the political upheavals in Turkey over recent decades are part of a wider global phenomenon and that they can and must serve as a warning to those in the West who still have time to break the pattern before they find themselves frozen into political paralysis. The Zagreb-based writer weaves memoir, history and clear-sighted argument into this urgent and captivating defence of democracy.

Rights sold to : Holland (Ambo Anthos) and Germany (Hoffman and Campe)

Ece Temelkuran is one of Turkey’s best-known authors and political commentators. and has also been published in the Guardian, New York Times, New Statesman, Frankfurter Allgemeine and Der Spiegel. She was a columnist for Milliyet before her criticism of government repression led to her losing her job. Her books in English include “Deep Mountain: Across the Turkish-Armenian Divide”, “The Insane and The Melancholy”, “Women Who Blow On Knots” and “Book of the Edge”. She has twice been recognised as Turkey’s most read political columnist, and twice rated as one of the 10 most influential people in social media with 3 million twitter followers. She has been invited to participate in the Women in the World summit in April on the same panel as Hilary Clinton.


Crown Religion Rights Guide London 2018

Clarkson Potter and Ten Speed Press London 2018

Real, candid and maybe just a little bit R-rated, hilarious moms and best friends Cat & Nat (who have more than a million fans on social media) share their stories and insights to lift moms when they’re feeling low, reassure them when they’re feeling overwhelmed, and make them laugh like they’re talking to their own best friend

by Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer
Harmony, April 2019

With seven kids between them, Cat & Nat have connected with their audience by sharing their completely real take on the stress, guilt, and joy of being a mom. Their viral videos give the real story on everything from sleep to sex, dropping MomTruths like why going clubbing is the best preparation for having kids (because the night always ends up with someone random in your bed and a girl crying in the corner). The book will be loosely structured around the stages of being a mom, from pregnancy onward, with never-before told stories from their lives–but short and digestible enough for a crazed mom, and peppered with advice and insights. Their goal is to help moms let go of guilt. And their method is humor. Their individual voices and the feeling of their close, no-holds-barred friendship will be captured on the page, making this the essential companion for moms who feel overwhelmed.

Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer have been best friends since they were teens, and now their video series of « mom truths » has turned them into viral sensations.


From the bestselling author of the “How to Cook Everything” series

300 Ways to Go Easy, Vegan, or All Out
by Mark Bittman
Clarkson Potter, December 2018

The first major new work from the author of “How to Cook Everything” is truly the one book a cook needs for a perfect dinner—regardless of whether the occasion call for something fast, meatless, or fancy.

Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything” books, with one million copies in print, are a mainstay of the modern kitchen. Bittman writes for the Opinion section of the New York Times on food policy and cooking and is a columnist for the New York Times Magazine. The “How to Cook Everything” series is highly respected: the first edition of the flagship book “How to Cook Everything” won both the IACP and James Beard Awards, and “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian” won the 2008 IACP award. He is also the author of “Food Matters”, “Food Matters Cookbook”, “Fish”, and “Leafy Greens”.


In the bestselling vein of Hidden Figures, Alpha Girls is reporter Julian Guthrie’s powerful account of five women pioneers in the field of venture capital who bucked the system and found ways to survive and thrive in the cutthroat, high-stakes, male-dominated world of Silicon Valley

by Julian Guthrie
Currency, May 2019

The closed doors investment decisions made by venture capitalists have the power to fund new startups and shape our economy, technology and our world. They have enabled the very existence of many of the world’s most profitable companies. Known for their risk taking and prescient investments, the VC community has reaped tens of billions of dollars, and has become the envy of Wall Street. Yet thanks to the « bro-grammer culture » that rules the VC world, it is a cabal that is almost a foreign country for women. A mere six percent of general partners at VC firms are women; roughly eighty percent of VC firms have never had a woman general partner. But there are a few. Armed with unprecedented access to the secretive VC universe, Guthrie uncovers one of the great untold stories of the digital era. Against all odds, a small cadre of women–pioneers that Guthrie calls the « alpha girls »–have determinedly made their way despite harassment, second class citizenship, and men stealing the credit and the rewards, to become powerhouses of the finance world. Through their grit and smarts and determination they helped to launch the IPO’s of some of the biggest tech firms. In Alpha Girls, Guthrie tells their story.

Julian Guthrie is a New York Times best-selling author. Her most recent book – “How to Build a Spaceship” (Penguin Press) – drew rave reviews, making several “best of” lists, and was a shortlist finalist for a PEN award. She spent twenty years at the San Francisco Chronicle, where she also won numerous awards and was nominated multiple times for a Pulitzer Prize. In addition to “Spaceship”, she is the author of two other nonfiction books: “The Grace of Everyday Saints” and “The Billionaire and the Mechanic”.


A young man rides a bicycle from Oregon to Patagonia on a quest to find himself

A 10,000-mile Journey from Oregon to Patagonia, and One Man’s Quest to Wake Up the Soul
by Jedidiah Jenkins
Convergent, October 2018

By age 27, Jedidiah Jenkins was a successful executive at a thriving international charity which he had helped found. But one day in 2013, in fear of missing out on his own life, he undertook a sixteen-month, ten-thousand-mile bicycle trip from Oregon to Patagonia. This is Jenkins’ spiritual and geographical report to cubicle denizens and armchair travelers everywhere. What started as a travelogue on his Instagram feed quickly grew into a lively community of thousands of passionate followers gathered around a transformative conversation: What makes a life well lived? In an era of digital connectedness, who is my neighbor? In the everyday, where is the divine? Who am I? And, Where is home? Jed’s eloquent narrative takes readers on a free-wheeling adventure of people and places, but more than that, on an unforgettable journey into a man’s deepest self.

Jedidiah Jenkins is a global adventurer, social entrepreneur, lawyer, human rights activist, filmmaker, and overall beautiful human. A graduate of the USC and Pepperdine University School of Law, Jenkins began his professional career as one of the founding leaders of Invisible Children, a social justice non-profit working to free child slaves and soldiers in Uganda. Currently, he is the executive editor of Wilderness Magazine whose mission is to help readers rediscover the balance and growth that comes from being in the outdoors.


One of four new Madeleine L’Engle titles that Convergent will publish next fall

Icons and Idols in Antarctica and Other Unexpected Places
by Madeleine L’Engle
Convergent, September 2018

Despite protests and warnings from friends and family, author Madeleine L’Engle, at the age of seventy-four, embarked on a rafting trip to Antarctica. Her journey through the startling beauty of the continent led her to write Penguins and Golden Calves, a captivating discussion of how opening oneself up to icons, or everyday « windows to God, » leads to the development of a rich and deeply spiritual faith. Here, L’Engle explains how ordinary things such as family, words, the Bible, heaven, and even penguins can become such windows. She also shows how a window becomes an idol–a penguin becomes a « golden calf »–when we see it as a reflection of itself instead of God.

The other three new Madeleine L’Engle titles coming in fall 2018 are: “BRIGHT EVENING STAR”, “MADELEINE L’ENGLE HERSELF” and “THE ROCK THAT IS HIGHER”

Madeleine L’Engle (1918–2007) was the author of more than 45 books for all ages, among them the beloved “A Wrinkle in Time”, awarded the Newbery Medal; “A Ring of Endless Light”, a Newbery Honor Book; and “A Swiftly Tilting Planet”, winner of the American Book Award. L’Engle was named the 1998 recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards Award, honoring her lifetime contribution to writing for teens.


Reconnecting with nature

by Julia Plevin
Ten Speed Press, March 2019

This bright and engaging book has transporting imagery and modern, accessible advice to guide people in reconnecting with nature—and themselves.

Julia Plevin is a writer and designer. Her writing has been featured in The Atlantic, the Huffington Post, VentureBeat, and Virgin Blue airlines in-flight magazine. She has worked as a design strategist at IDEO, SYPartners, and fuseproject. Plevin is also the founder of The Forest Bathing Club, which started as a meetup in 2016 and now has 400+ members. The Forest Bathing Club has been featured in Quartz and Business Insider. Additionally, she regularly consults and speaks at universities, conferences, and Silicon Valley startups on systems, culture, and experience design.


In this groundbreaking walk through Scripture, a former atheist and founder of Blessed Earth creation care ministry makes the convincing case that trees are essential to every Christian’s understanding of God. Once you discover the hidden language of trees, your walk through the woods–and through the Bible—will never be the same

What Trees Teach Us About the Nature of God and the Future of Everything
by Matthew Sleeth
WaterBrook, April 2019

Perhaps we’ve missed the forest…and the trees. Beginning in Genesis, every major biblical character is associated with a tree, bush, or branch. There’s a tree on the first page of Scripture and on the last. In fact, other than people, trees are mentioned more than any other living thing in the Bible. Exploring how God chose to tell the story of the Gospel through trees will open up a whole new means of understanding creation, redemption, and grace. Join Dr. Sleeth as he explores the wonders of life, death, and rebirth through the lens of trees and explains how science is just beginning to catch up to the truths described in the Bible thousands of years ago. This book will unleash fresh ways of meditating upon God’s Word and growing as a disciple of Jesus.

Matthew Sleeth, MD, a former emergency room physician and chief of the hospital medical staff, resigned from his position to teach, preach, and write about the biblical call to be good stewards of the earth. A highly sought-after speaker, Dr. Sleeth has spoken at more than 1,000 churches, campuses, and events, including serving as the monthly guest preacher at The Washington National Cathedral for a year. Recognized by Newsweek as one of the nation’s most influential evangelical leaders, Dr. Sleeth is a graduate of George Washington University School of Medicine and has two postdoctoral fellowships. He is the executive director of Blessed Earth and author of “Serving God, Saving the Planet”; “24/6”; the Introduction to “The Green Bible”, as well as numerous creation care books and articles.


DeFiore Adult LBF18

An innovative approach to enhancing health and strengthening relationships through the art of human connection

The Healing Power of Empathy and Mindful Listening
by David Rakel
W.W. Norton, April 2018

Why is it so hard for us to connect on a deep level with others, particularly those who are suffering? We constantly find ourselves interrupted and inundated with tasks and stresses. We are disconnected, sleepwalking through our lives, unable to help even ourselves. There is a better way. Dr. David Rakel draws on his clinical experience with patients and the latest research from medicine, psychology, and neuroscience to describe the power of human connection and the ways it can be used to boost health and well-being. Once we understand this power and learn the tools that are necessary to create a connection, we can live with clarity, creativity, wisdom, and good health. THE COMPASSIONATE CONNECTION will give us the skills to improve the quality of our relationships, whether doctor/patient, husband/wife, parent/child, teacher/ student, or boss/employee.

David Rakel is professor and chair of the Department of Family & Community Medicine at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Previously he was the founder and director of the University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine program and also associate professor in the family medicine department at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.


Flatiron Books London 2018

The first book from the global philanthropist named by Forbes as the third most powerful woman in the world—a timely and moving call to action

How to Empower Women and Change the World
by Melinda Gates
April 2019

For the last twenty years, Melinda Gates has been on a mission. Her goal, as co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations, has been to find solutions for people with the most urgent needs, wherever they live. Throughout this journey one thing has become increasingly clear to her: if you want to lift a society up, invest in women. In this candid and inspiring book, Gates traces her awakening to the link between women’s empowerment and the health of societies. She shows some of the tremendous opportunities that exist right now to “turbo-charge” change. And she provides simple and effective ways each one of us can make a difference. Convinced that all women should be free to decide whether and when to have children, Gates took her first step onto the global stage to make a stand for family planning. That step launched her into further efforts: to ensure women everywhere have access to every kind of job; to encourage men around the globe to share equally in the burdens of household work; to advocate for paid family leave for everyone; to eliminate gender bias in all its forms. Throughout, Gates introduces us to her heroes in the movement towards equality, offers startling data, shares moving conversations she’s had with women from all over the world—and shows how we can all get involved. A personal statement of passionate conviction, this book tells of Gates’ journey from a partner working behind the scenes to one of the world’s foremost advocates for women, driven by the belief that no one should be excluded, all lives have equal value, and gender equity is the lever that lifts everything.

Co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest private foundation in the world, Melinda Gates has dedicated her life to achieving transformational improvements in the health and prosperity of families, communities, and societies. Core to her work is empowering women and girls to help them realize their full potential. In 2015, Melinda created Pivotal Ventures, an investment and incubation company that enables her to bring together other new and emerging strands of her advocacy and philanthropic work focused in the U.S. Melinda received a bachelor’s degree from Duke and an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School. After joining Microsoft Corp. in 1987, she helped develop many of the company’s multimedia products. In 1996, Melinda left Microsoft to focus on her philanthropic work and family.


In this intimate, haunting literary memoir, an American icon tells her story for the first time, in her own gorgeous words—about a challenging and lonely childhood, the craft that helped her find her voice, and a powerful emotional legacy that shaped her journey as a daughter and a mother

by Sally Field
Grand Central, September 2018

One of the most celebrated, beloved, and enduring actors of our time, Sally Field has an infectious charm that has captivated the nation for more than five decades, beginning with her first TV role at the age of seventeen. From Gidget’s sweet-faced “girl next door” to the dazzling complexity of Sybil to the Academy Award-winning ferocity and depth of Norma Rae to her acclaimed portrayal of Mary Todd Lincoln, Field has stunned audiences time and time again with her artistic range and emotional acuity.  Yet there is one character who always remained hidden: the shy and anxious little girl within. With raw honesty and the fresh, pitch-perfect prose of a natural-born writer, and with all the humility and authenticity her fans have come to expect, Field brings readers behind-the-scenes for not only the highs and lows of her star-studded early career in Hollywood, but deep into the truth of her lifelong relationships—including, most importantly, her complicated love for her own mother.  Powerful and unforgettable, IN PIECES is an inspiring and important account of life as a woman in the second half of the twentieth century. 

Sally Field is a two-time Academy Award and three-time Emmy Award winning actor who has portrayed dozens of iconic roles on both the large and small screens. In 2012, she was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and in 2015 she was honored by President Obama with the National Medal of Arts.


The Gernert Company London 2018

An exhilarating crossover between memoir and argument that demonstrates how computers and algorithms shape our understanding of the world and who we are

A Life in Code
by David Auerbach
Pantheon, August 2018

As we engineer ever-more intricate algorithms to translate our experiences and narrow the gap that divides us from the machine, we willingly rub out our nuances and our idiosyncrasies—precisely that which makes us human. Bitwise is David Auerbach’s thoughtful ode to the computer codes and languages that captured his imagination as a child, and a reflection of how he’s both experienced and written the algorithms that have come to taxonomize human speech, knowledge, and behavior, and that compel us to do the same. With a philosopher’s sense of inquiry and an engineer’s eye, Auerbach recounts his childhood spent drawing ferns with the programming language Logo on the Apple IIe, his adventures in early text-based video games, his schooling as an engineer, and his contributions to instant-messaging technology developed for Microsoft and to software built to sift through Google’s data stores. His unsettling conclusion—that algorithms are standardizing and coarsening our own lives—is inescapable.

David Auerbach is a National Magazine Award-nominated writer and software engineer. He previously worked for Google and Microsoft. He has contributed to The Daily Beast, Slate, The Times Literary Supplement, The Nation, n+1, Bookforum, the MIT Technology Review, and many other publications.


From the philosophers of detachment to modernist architects, decluttering gurus to austere clothing, THE LONGING FOR LESS will explore why and how the desire for less has such a deep hold on us

Experiments In Absence
by Kyle Chayka
Bloomsbury, TBA

Why do we want less? The longing is as common as it is diverse: it’s the urge to clean out our apartments rather than living with clutter, to wear a uniform every day instead of choosing from a closet of clothes, to tighten our diets rather than indulging, to clear our minds of a wilderness of thoughts, to delete and file until we reach inbox zero, to find a place of silence amid the noise of modern life. This desire itself might be nothing new—from Greek philosophers to the teachings of Jesus, the imperative to make do with less is ancient—but between Marie Kondo and mass market minimalist design, we seem to be experiencing more of less than ever before. In a time of both excess and inequality, this yearning to narrow down reflects some of our deepest aspirations and most persistent anxieties about how to live in the world. A roving but tightly thematic exploration in the vein of Olivia Laing’s “The Lonely City” or Eula Biss’s “On Immunity”, THE LONGING FOR LESS will merge personal narrative, history, and cultural criticism to consider the enduring allure of reduction.

Kyle Chayka is a freelance writer and critic who has contributed to publications including the New York Times Magazine, The New Republic, Rolling Stone, The Verge, and n+1.


Why does one person becomes a drug addict and not another? This is the central question that has motivated Dr. Judith Grisel for the more than two decades of research she has done into the neurobiology of addiction

The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction
by Judy Grisel
Doubleday, Spring 2019

Once a hopeless addict herself – homeless, disowned and kicked out of three colleges – Dr. Grisel eventually got sober, went back to school and today is an internationally recognized professor and neurobiologist, specializing in addiction research. One can see why this question was of more than just academic interest to her. NEVER ENOUGH interweaves the author’s own remarkable story and insights with the very latest on addiction research and brain function. By translating cutting-edge scientific knowledge into everyday language, readers of NEVER ENOUGH will understand what is different about the brains of addicts even before they pick up their first drink or drug, the ways that addictive substances commandeer normal brain function, and the changes that take place in the brain and behavior as a result of chronic using that make recovery so unlikely. They will also learn about surprising hidden gifts of addiction, for individual addicts as well as society in general.

Judy Grisel is an internationally recognized expert on the neurobiology of addiction. She is Professor of Psychology at Bucknell University.


A wide-ranging critique of Facebook, and its powerful effects, not just on politics and civic participation, but on our culture in general

How Facebook Has Disconnected Citizens and Undermined Democracy
by Siva Vaidhyanathan
Oxford University Press
, September 2018

One of the signal developments in democratic culture around the world in the past half-decade has been the increasing power of social media to both spread information and shape opinions. After the Arab Spring of 2011, many pointed to the liberating potential of platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Yet five years later, as many Americans reeled in shock from the election of an authoritarian bullshit artist (using philosopher Harry Frank’s technical definition of the term), a few perceptive observers began looking at new at the social and political effects of dominant social media platforms, particularly Facebook. And they did not like what they saw. The media studies and IP scholar Siva Vaidhyanathan is one of those sharp observers, and in ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA he argues that our descent into dystopia stems in no small part from trends that have developed in the online world. The 2016 election saw a remarkable and dispiriting increase of people hiving themselves off within ideological echo chambers and treating fake news as real. Vaidhyanathan provides a structural explanation of why this happened, and he has located a culprit: social media, and more specifically Facebook. The founders of Facebook may have had (some) good intentions, but he contends that they have created a Frankenstein’s monster that they have neither the will nor capacity to rein in…

Siva Vaidhyanathan is Professor of Media Studies and the Director of the Center for Media and Citizenship at the University of Virginia. He is the author of “The Googlization Of Everything”, “Copyrights and Copywrongs”, “The Anarchist in the Library”, and “Intellectual Property: A Very Short Introduction”. Siva has written for The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, The New York Times Book Review, The Guardian, The Nation, and Washington Post among many others.

1Greystone Books Spring 2018 Rights Catalogue

A provocative look at the controversial new science of de-extinction and the ethical questions it raises

The Science, Ethics, and Risks of De-Extinction
by Britt Wray, foreword by George Church
October 2017

What happens when you try to recreate a woolly mammoth— fascinating science, or conservation catastrophe? In RISE OF THE NECROFAUNA, Wray takes us deep into the minds and labs of some of the world’s most progressive thinkers to find out. She introduces us to renowned futurists like Stewart Brand and scientists like George Church, who are harnessing the powers of CRISPR gene editing in the hopes of “reviving” extinct passenger pigeons, woolly mammoths, and heath hens. But we also hear from more cautionary voices, like those of researcher and award-winning author Beth Shapiro (How to Clone a Woolly Mammoth) and environmental philosopher Thomas van Dooren. Through interviews with these and other thought leaders, Wray reminds us that de-extinction could bring just as many dangers as it does possibilities. What happens, for example, when we bring an “unextinct” creature back into the wild? How can we care for these strange animals and ensure their comfort and safety—not to mention our own?

Britt Wray is a radio broadcaster and writer and has worked as a host and producer on programs for CBC Radio. She holds a BSx in Biology and is a PhD cadidate in Science Communication with a Focus on Sunthetic Biology at the University of Copenhagen.


Harvey Klinger London 2018


How a Single Molecule in your Brain drives Love, Sex, and Creativity – and will determine the Fate of the Human Race
by Daniel Lieberman and Michael Long
BenBella Books, Summer 2018

Dopamine is the brain chemical that drives desire, imagination, and creativity. It is the source of our every urge, that little bit of biology that makes an ambitious businessman sacrifice everything in pursuit of success, or that drives a satisfied spouse to risk it all for the thrill of someone new. Quite simply put, it is why we seek and succeed; it is why we discover and prosper. For our brains, this one molecule is the ultimate multi-purpose device, urging us, through thousands of neurochemical processes, to move beyond, push further, dream more. In THE MOLECULE OF MORE, Lieberman & Long propose that this simple fact has far-reaching consequences for everything we do – even behavior that would seem to be completely unrelated. After years of research and astonishing scientific experiments, Lieberman & Long reveal a common thread that runs through dozens of age old questions and provides the hidden reasons why people do the things they do. In THE MOLECULE OF MORE, readers will learn about the thin line between creativity, madness, and dreaming, why we fall out of love, why we need to control things beyond our grasp, and how we can use the latest science to predict certain events in everyday life. It will explore why some of us might be smarter or more motivated than others, why, politically, we are more divided than ever, and why, unchecked, dopamine will bring about the extinction of the human race.

Dan Lieberman is Professor and Vice Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University. Michael Long is an award-winning speechwriter and teaches writing at Georgetown University.


Johnson And Alcock London 2018

A unique journey across Europe’s footballing landscape: join one man’s quest to experience top division league football in all 55 UEFA countries in one calendar football season

The Ultimate European Football Adventure
by Matt Walker
Riverrun, Autumn 2019

Matt Walker is a normal guy with a love for football, travel, and a challenge. Inspired by A Season with Verona, Round Ireland with a Fridge and Stamping Grounds, Matt gives up his office job and Fulham FC season ticket and embarks on a footballing odyssey that spans the footballing continent: from the Faroe Islands to Israel, from Kosovo to Kazakhstan. With the football savvy of Jonathan Wilson and the offbeat observational humour of Jon Ronson, he tackles the major footballing nations of Germany, Spain and Italy and the less-heralded premier divisions of Moldova and Albania. Fast-paced, entertaining and inspirational, this is the offbeat story of one man on a matchday mission – seeking out the quirky and unusual corners of this footballing continent, learning the similarities and contrasts of the beautiful game across Europe. Along the way he faces challenges with language, scheduling and match-fixing, wrestles with the problem of Liechtenstein (the one UEFA member state that has no league), hitches a lift with the mob in Russia, and learns why never to trust Belarusian goalkeepers. The project has been covered 65 times in print, on radio and television in 37 countries, including BBC Football Focus and the Guardian, on TalkSPORT and BBC radio, L’Équipe in France, The Irish Times, Portuguese GQ, La Gazzetta dello Sport and Rai2 in Italy, Swiss Tagblatt, not to mention Finnish local newspaper Ålandstidningen and seminal Estonian broadsheet Õhtuleht.  You can find a full media list here: Written in parallel with the 2017/18 football season, and due to finish in Russia at World Cup 2018, it will be essential reading for football fans and Europhiles alike.


Kaplan-DeFiore London 2018

James Beard award-winner, Elissa Altman, captures the universal story of mothers and daughters, their visceral longing for nurturing and sustenance, and the ultimate role-reversal that comes with age

A Memoir of Beauty, Time, and Aging
by Elissa Altman
Ballantine, August 2019

How does a fifty-something food writer dedicated to the act of feeding other people nourish her anorexic, octogenarian, personality-disordered former television singer/model New Yorker mother as she grows older? How does she care for her – spend time with and coddle her – when they have never actually liked each other?
At its core, MOTHERLAND will tell a story of mothers and daughters and the gulf between us, and how we live and age together no matter who we are: confounded by each other as if we were both from Mars, desperately wanting to love each other but not knowing how and somehow, against all odds and in spite of our history, succeeding. The story of MOTHERLAND will end as every middle aged daughter of every elderly narcissistic personality disordered mother prays it will: with a truce — fragile, tentative, and deeply tender — that is as moving as it is universally enlightening.

Elissa Altman is the author of the critically acclaimed memoirs Treyf and Poor Man’s Feast as well as the James Beard Award–winning blog of the same name. She wrote the Washington Post column, “Feeding My Mother,” that this book expands upon and her work has appeared everywhere from and O, The Oprah Magazine to Tin House, the New York Times, The Guardian and the TEDx stage, and has been anthologized for five consecutive years in Best Food Writing.


Why is there an invisible career barrier, based on prejudiced stereotypes, that prevents women from accessing the ranks of power?

Why So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders, and How to Change It
by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Ph.D
Harvard Business Review Press, January 2019

Conservatives and chauvinists tend to endorse the first; liberals and feminists prefer the third; and those somewhere in the middle are usually drawn to the second. But what if they all missed the big picture? In Charmorro-Premuszic’s view, the main reason for the uneven management sex ratio is our inability to discern between confidence and competence. That is, because we (people in general) commonly misinterpret displays of confidence as a sign of competence, we are fooled into believing that men are better leaders than women. In other words, when it comes to leadership, the only advantage that men have over women (e.g., from Argentina to Norway and the USA to Japan) is the fact that manifestations of hubris — often masked as charisma or charm — are commonly mistaken for leadership potential, and that these occur much more frequently in men than in women. The same psychological characteristics that enable male managers to rise to the top of the corporate or political ladder are actually responsible for their downfall. In other words, what it takes to get the job is not just different from, but also the reverse of, what it takes to do the job well.

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Ph.D. is a professor of business psychology at University College London (UCL) and Vice-President of Research and Innovation at Hogan Assessment Systems. He is also a visiting professor at Columbia University London School of Economics. He is one of the most prolific and widely cited social scientists of his generation. He is a sought-after consultant, and he is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Psychology Today and Fast Company.


VITAL FORCE is a concept from the Vedic tradition which represents the energy that flows within us and around us, and animates all living things. We know it when we see it in others and when we have it. It is confidence, vitality, charisma, bliss, connection and flow. And, so often we find it fleeting

Ancient Energy Secrets For Modern Life
by Rajshree Patel
Hay House, Spring 2019

VITAL FORCE explains how a series of simple techniques, starting with a breathing practice, can enable us to find it and grow it. And how when we we do, it alleviates anxiety and negative emotions, and has an exponential impact on our energy and happiness. It is a wholly different approach from mindfulness and focused styles of meditation. It is relaxing and enjoyable, and it pays tremendous dividends for an investment of as little as 20 minutes each day. The content in this book is the essence of what is taught by in Art of Living classes every day around the world, and the foundation is committed to providing robust support for Rajshree as ambassador for these teachings.

Rajshree Patel is a global leader in the fields of personal and spiritual development and senior teacher with the Art of Living Foundation. She is a self-awareness coach, trainer, and speaker who uses meditation, breath work, and insight techniques to help clients live happier and more successful lives. She has led programs in more than 35 countries for major organizations such as IBM, NBC Universal, The United Nations, and LinkedIn as well as for thousands of individuals. She has directly instructed more than 100,000 students through Art of Living courses, retreats and teacher training programs, in addition to personally establishing over 45 Art of Living chapters.


Levine Greenberg London 2018

In this graceful, stunning, and uncompromising exploration of living, fighting, and healing, we gain insight into the stereotypes and shifting realities of masculinity today through the eyes of a new man

A True Story About What Makes A Man

by Thomas Page McBee
Scribner, August 2018

In this groundbreaking new book, the author, a trans man, trains to fight in a charity match at Madison Square Garden while struggling to untangle the vexed relationship between masculinity and violence. Through his experience boxing—learning to get hit, and to hit back; wrestling with the camaraderie of the gym; confronting the betrayals and strength of his own body—McBee examines the weight of male violence, the pervasiveness of gender stereotypes, and the limitations of conventional masculinity. A wide-ranging exploration of gender in our society, Amateur is ultimately a story of hope, as McBee traces a new way forward, a new kind of masculinity, inside the ring and outside of it.

Rights sold: UK Commonwealth (Canongate)

Thomas Page McBee was the first transgender man to ever box in Madison Square Garden. He is the author of an award-winning memoir, “Man Alive: A True Story of Violence, Forgiveness, and Becoming a Man”, which was named a best book of 2014 by NPR Books, BuzzFeed, Kirkus Reviews, and Publishers Weekly. Thomas’s writing has appeared in The Rumpus, Pacific Standard, The New York Times, Playboy, and Glamour.


Deeply researched with on-the-ground reporting in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America, ZIP will detail the breakthroughs and convulsions ahead in the mobility revolution

How the Mobility Revolution Will Transform Our Lives and Our Planet
by John Rossant and Steve Baker
Harpercollins, November 2019

While a time traveler from the 1960s would be blown away by a smartphone, she would easily recognize the cars, trucks, subways and planes we ride today. Over the last half century, the technology revolution has transformed the sphere of human knowledge, but barely touched the world of movement. That’s about to change. The next phase of the Information Age is upon us. It extends its reach into the physical world, from bits to molecules, and it will transform the way human beings move on planet earth. In these early days, we see the spread of ride-sharing apps, the emergence of Tesla, and the dawn of robotic cars. But far more dramatic change is ahead. Over the next 15 years, the mobility revolution will usher in a sprawling new generation of transport options, from flying drone taxis to 3D printed cars. Virtually all of them will be tracked and managed on digital networks powered by Artificial Intelligence. The mobility revolution promises astounding speed and efficiencies. It could save cities around the world from gridlock and asphyxiation–and perhaps slow down the warming of the planet. At the same time, it will alter the geography of our cities and towns, much the way the automobile gave birth to the highways, driveways, sprawl and suburbs that shaped the 20th century.

John Rossant, a former journalist, is the founder and chairman of the New Cities Foundation, an organization looking at the future of the urban world and the creator of LA CoMotion, a big urban mobility conference and festival that’s attracting an international crowd to the LA Arts District every November. Stephen Baker is a former senior writer for BusinessWeek and author of “The Numerati” and “Final Jeopardy”.


MacKenzie Wolf Rights Guide London 2018

The until-now untold story of the most influential name in hip hop and street fashion. Film rights optioned by Sony

by Dapper Dan
Random House, Fall 2019

In the early 1980s, Dapper Dan pioneered high-end streetwear from his small Harlem boutique, remixing classic luxury-brand logos into his own flamboyant designs. He first attracted powerful New York City hustlers and eventually outfitted major celebrities, such as LL Cool J, P. Diddy, Mike Tyson, Aaliyah, and Jay Z, in looks that went on to define an era. DAPPER BY DAY won’t merely chronicle the halcyon days of his shop; it will weave a high-stakes coming-of-age story spanning over 70 years and set against the backdrop of an evolving Harlem. Leading readers through Dap’s impoverished childhood in the Harlem tenements; through the ranks of a secret gambling society; through Africa in search of spiritual and cultural enlightenment; through the triumphant rise and heartbreaking fall of his boutique; and through the 25 years he spent “underground” after his shop was forced to shut down, Dapper by Day will explore Dap’s quest for self-identity alongside his struggle to escape the traps of poverty, crime, and oppression.

Daniel “Dapper Dan” Day was born in Harlem in 1944. With his eponymous store on 125th Street, he pioneered streetwear in the early 1980s. He has been featured on platforms including The New York Times, Elle, Vogue, W, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, CNN, Netflix, and many more. His works have been or will be on display at The Smithsonian, the MET, and MoMA.


In the vein of Sy Montgomery and Elizabeth Kolbert comes a fascinating exploration into the world of turtles across the globe; Laufer charts the lore, love, and peril to a beloved species

A Journey Through the Passion, Profit, and Peril of Our Most Coveted Prehistoric Creatures
by Peter Laufer
Saint Martin’s Press, November 2018

DREAMING IN TURTLE is a compelling story of a stalwart animal prized from prehistory through to today—an animal threatened by human greed, pragmatism, and rationalization. It stars turtles and shady and heroic human characters both, in settings ranging from luxury redoubts to degraded habitats, during a time when the confluence of easy global trade, limited supply, and inexhaustible demand has accelerated the stress on species. The growth of the middle class in high-population regions like China, where the turtle is particularly valued, feeds this perfect storm into which the turtle finds itself lashed. This is a tale not just of endangered turtles but also one of overall human failings, frailties, and vulnerabilities—all punctuated by optimistic hope for change fueled by dedicated turtle champions.

Journalist Peter Laufer is the James Wallace Chair Professor in Journalism at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication.


A compelling memoir about race, family secrets, and belonging, in the vein of and Bliss Broyard’s “One Drop” and Tara Westover’s “Educated”

by Sarah Valentine
Saint Martin’s Press, Spring 2019

Sarah Valentine was born into a white family, taught to be proud of her Italian roots on her mother’s side, her hard-scrabble Irish roots on her father’s side. Raised in a non-diverse suburban community with two younger brothers and all white friends, she had the trappings of a 1980s white, middle-class American life. But what was plain for everyone to see was that Sarah did not look the same as her family. Strangers assumed she was African American and asked if she was adopted, but her difference was never acknowledged by those she knew. Because she was raised as white by her family, shown pictures of her dad holding her in the maternity ward, and regaled with the family’s history, she accepted her whiteness without question. Only very deep down, in a secret, painful place, did she register there was a hidden explanation. It wasn’t until she was in her mid-20s that she finally gathered the courage to confront her mother, who at long last told her the truth about her paternal origin. But was it the full truth? WHEN I WAS WHITE is a story about family betrayal and forgiveness; self-discovery and reinvention; belonging and seeking to belong. It’s a story about the fictions we are told and the fictions we tell ourselves. It is about the cost of erasure and the cost of truth.

Sarah Valentine is a poet, writer, translator and academic.


Innovative, totally accessible, and easily implemented, ONE DEGREE REVOLUTION presents a conscious living guide with a new twist on self-discovery in an inspiring combination of life coaching and the timeless wisdom of yoga

Small Shifts, Big Changes
by Coby Kozlowski
Saint Martin’s Press, Fall 2019

Imagine sailing a boat with a course set for a lifetime. If we adjust that course just one navigational degree, what would happen to the journey? We could end up in a completely different place than our original destination! It’s not necessary to change everything about our lives to make a difference, for one small shift can result in a completely alternate experience. ONE DEGREE REVOLUTION is a holistic program for self-inquiry and creating personal change that springs from living yoga—not just doing the downward dog kind or the ascetic monk’s transcendental search. Living yoga teaches us how to discover what is real and true, to celebrate, live in wonder, and ride the waves of life with grace, Yoga’s philosophy is infused with life strategies for skillfully and fully participating with the movement of life to manifest our deepest desires and have a positive impact on the world. Coby’s approach shows readers how to dig deep and ask the right questions at the right time to access and open infinite personal possibilities, unveil a true sense of purpose, and foster change.

Coby Kozlowski is a thought leader in the movement for inspired living and the exciting field of transformative leadership. Yoga Journal identifies her as one of seven teachers who have changed the practice. She is a valued faculty member at both Kripalu Yoga Center (60,000 yearly visitors) and Esalen Institute (120,000 yearly visitors), and is an in-demand presenter at retreats, festivals, conferences, colleges and corporations for large audiences ranging from Millennials to Boomers. Her widely popular courses are characterized by heartfelt humor, illuminating wisdom, inclusiveness, and her ability to inspire. She has 4,000,000 personal followers on Facebook and Instagram.


The Martell Agency London 2018

The new project of the bestselling author Janice Kaplan

by Leslie Morgan
Dutton, TBA

Kaplan’s winning formula combining scientific research and real-life stories will tackle a new subject: why more women aren’t considered geniuses, and how this can be changed, both in terms of how women’s and girls’ talents can be nurtured and how we define the word « genius. »

Janice Kaplan has enjoyed wide success as a magazine editor, television producer, writer and journalist. Her cover stories with public figures ranging from Matt Damon to President Barack Obama drew worldwide attention. She is the author of the New York Times best-seller “The Gratitude Diaries”, translated in eight foreign languages, and of “How Luck Happens: Using the Science of Luck to Transform Work, Love, and Life”, sold in Japon, Korea, Spain and Turkey.


Smart, provocative, revealing and perceptive, THE NAKED TRUTH will have vast appeal for the women’s memoir readership that made “The Kiss”, “Wild”, and “Eat, Pray, Love” such major successes

A 45 Year Old Divorcee Hatches a Wild Plan: Get Five New Boyfriends
by Leslie Morgan
Simon & Schuster, 2018

How do you cope when: you’re the mother of three teenagers, you’re on the slippery precipice of turning fifty, you and your husband haven’t had sex for five years, but he did have sex with another woman- in your bed and after twenty years of marriage you’ve just gone through a brutal, ugly divorce? This is about as demeaning and painful as it gets and many women, understandably, would be unable to ever fully recover. Leslie Morgan, the author of the bestselling CRAZY LOVE was destroyed when this happened to her, until she realized she had to come up with a radical game plan to restore her demolished self-confidence and address her craving for the happiness, romance and sex long gone from her marriage. The result was a calendar year of living dangerously. Rule 1: There will be five boyfriends – beautiful, irresistible and passionate men who will make her feel beautiful, irresistible and passionate…and powerful and finally in control of her life. Rule 2: there are no other rules. So starts THE NAKED TRUTH, a totally fresh, insightful, wryly transgressive memoir of very deliberately looking for love, which it turns out, can be found in all kinds of interesting places – planes, trains and automobiles included – long distance and close up.

Throughout her marketing and publishing career, Leslie Morgan has explored the complex inner dialogues of women, reconnoitering the zeitgeist of American womanhood. Her first book was the critically acclaimed 2006 anthology “Mommy Wars” (Random House). She went on to write the 2009 memoir and New York Times bestseller “Crazy Love” (St. Martin’s Press), and “The Baby Chase” (St. Martin’s Press) in 2013.


Park Literary London 2018

From the author of “Frankeinstein’s Cat”

How Buildings Shape Our Health, Behavior, and Happiness
by Emily Anthes
Scientific American / Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2019

Emily Anthes’ THE GREAT INDOORS provides of fresh look at the ecology of the indoor spaces in which we spend our days – including homes, offices, and schools – and how they shape our health, behavior, and wellbeing. Anthes begins by focusing on how our indoor environments affect us as individuals, and then telescopes out to study how these spaces influence groups, societies, and even humanity as a whole. Diving into the science of the indoors, Anthes explores how we are shaped by our surroundings every day.

Emily Anthes n is an award-winning science journalist and author. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Wired, Nature, Slate, Businessweek, Scientific American, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and elsewhere. Her previous book, “Frankeinstein’s Cat” (FSG/Scientific American, 2013), explores how biotechnology is shaping the future of animals. Emily has a master’s degree in science writing from MIT and a bachelor’s degree in the history of science and medicine from Yale, where she also studied creative writing. 1

St. Martin’s Press London 2018

How to become insanely great at the art of persuasion, from the bestselling author of Talk Like TED

The Communication Secrets to Get from Good to Great
by Carmine Gallo
St. Martin’s Press, June 2018

Ideas don’t sell themselves. As the forces of globalization, automation, and artificial intelligence combine to disrupt every field, having a good idea isn’t good enough. Mastering the ancient art of persuasion is the key to standing out, getting ahead, and achieving greatness in the modern world. Communication is no longer a “soft” skill—it is the human edge that will make you unstoppable, irresistible, and irreplaceable—earning you that perfect rating, that fifth star. In Five Stars, Carmine Gallo breaks down how to apply Aristotle’s formula of persuasion to inspire contemporary audiences. In the knowledge age—the information economy—you are only as valuable as your ideas. Five Stars is a book to help you bridge the gap between mediocrity and exceptionality, and gain your competitive edge in the age of automation.

Carmine Gallo is the bestselling author of Talk Like TED and The Storyteller’s Secret. He is a communications coach for widely admired brands such as Pfizer, LinkedIn, Intel, and Coca Cola, and a keynote speaker known for teaching the world’s most respected business leaders how to deliver dynamic presentations and share inspiring stories. He is a columnist for and His previous titles have been sold in 24 territories.


Sterling Lord Literistic London 2018

From the internationally bestselling author of The Miracle Morning, which was translated into 27 territories, comes a brand-new Miracle book focused on overcoming challenges!

by Hal Elrod
Pamela Dorman Books, Spring 20119

THE MIRACLE EQUATION offers Hal’s newest life-changing practice, revealing the power of unwavering faith and extraordinary effort to help you transform your life. The Miracle Equation is based on the mindset that Hal credits for helping him recover from a debilitating head-on collision with a drunk driver when he was 20, and also for beating an aggressive form of leukemia last year. Now cancer-free, Hal’s latest book will help you overcome any challenge and become the person you need to be to achieve every goal. The tools of The Miracle Equation include the Miracle Mantra, a practice for persevering through any obstacle or doubt; a system for breaking your biggest goals into manageable chunks you can tackle every day; and other time-tested rituals of top performers.

In addition to being one of the highest rated keynote speakers in America, Hal Elrod is the #1 bestselling author of what’s being widely regarded as “one of the most life-changing books ever written,” The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life… (Before 8AM). He’s also a Hall of Fame business achiever, one of America’s top Success Coaches, an ultra-marathon runner, and a grateful husband and father.


Based on the viral Harper’s Bazaar article “Women Aren’t Nags—We’re Just Fed Up” and pitched in the spirit of Susan Cain’s Quiet and Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly

Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward
by Gemma Hartley
HarperOne, November 20119

When Gemma Hartley wrote about the stress of getting her husband to take on household burdens without being asked—to perform emotional labor instead of expecting his wife to manage his time—she didn’t know it would hit such a nerve with other women. But after 838,000 shares of her article, “Women Aren’t Nags—We’re Just Fed Up,” she realized there was a bigger story than her individual grievance. In FED UP, Hartley will define “emotional labor”—the unpaid work that women are expected to perform in all situations and for all people, from managing a household, making sure there is fresh coffee at work, to protecting men’s feelings at all costs—and how it is still a problem through three waves of feminism. Hartley writes about how girls are conditioned from childhood to perform emotional labor but boys aren’t taught the same, how women in heterosexual relationships perform more unpaid work than their male partners and how it is exacerbated in households with children, and how the burden of emotional labor falls to women in the workplace. The book will explore why emotional labor matters and how to reclaim this undervalued skill set as a strength, not a problem to overcome.

Gemma Hartley is a writer, reporter, and blogger. She specializes in feminism, pop-culture, health & wellness, finance, budgeting, and mindfulness writing. Her work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Health, Glamour, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Teen Vogue, and The Huffington Post.


We can’t stop shopping and yet we must stop shopping”

by J.B. MacKinnon
Ecco, Winter 2019

Though wages have been stagnant for generations in the west, we are consuming the planet at a rate 1.7 times faster than it can regenerate. And in order to support economic growth, we must continue to shop with growing gusto, we’re instructed. There are ways to consume more responsibly, to be sure. But the incontrovertible fact remains that with a rapidly expanding world population, the biggest factor in the toxification and ruination of the planet stems from the scale of consumption. We may know these facts, and still our reliance on stuff, and all that it signals to others, continues to grow. But what if it stopped? THE DAY THE WORLD STOPPED SHOPPING is revealed in stories, but also makes an argument and advances a fresh perspective. Consumer culture is the water we swim in, as James says, and we bath in its signals and lures at every waking moment. Our private choices are at odds with the public need. What we choose to buy, or not, informs the collective sense of what it means to live fully in the modern world. We know that world is in peril owing to our choices. So what will we choose to do?

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J.B. MacKinnon is the author of “Plenty” and “The Once and Future World”. He is contributor to The New Yorker, National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, Nautilus and Adbusters. He has won more than a dozen national and international journalism awards, among them the U.S. Green Prize for Sustainable Literature and Canada’s highest prize for literary nonfiction. His work has appeared in Best American Science and Nature Writing.


A Big Idea book on self-compassion, What You Practice Grows Stronger will be the “anti-Grit” on using mindfulness for personal growth and performance

The Power of Mindfulness and Compassion for Personal Growth and Transformation
by Shauna Shapiro
Sounds True, Fall 2019

In her first trade book, Dr. Shapiro will explore the connection between neuroplasticity and change, growth, and resilience. Our minds have 50-70,000 thoughts per day—many of them filled with self-judgment, criticism, and shame. Research shows that these thoughts affect our brain’s ability to change by robbing it of resources, preventing us from performing at our best. By contrast, a mindful practice of self-compassion bathes our system with dopamine, turning on the learning centers of our brain, providing motivation, and triggering the resources we need to achieve true personal transformation.  In our culture of Grit and Tiger Moms, so many people think that success goes to whomever pushes hardest. But research increasingly suggests that self-compassion can be a more powerful force than grit, willpower, or focus when it comes to excellence. We need self-compassion most during our darkest times: when we are grieving; when we are trying to forgive others or ourselves; when we are facing unimaginable challenges such as illness or divorce. Mindful self-compassion gives us the tools to be with our mistakes, fears, and pain, instead of papering over them with a happy façade. Best of all, when we practice self-compassion in ourselves, we create a measurably kinder, better world around us. Research shows that practicing self-compassion creates better relationships and leads to more empathetic, altruistic decisions, in ourselves and others. 

Dr. Shauna Shapiro is a professor at Santa Clara University and studies the intersection of neuroscience and mindfulness. She works with veterans suffering from PTSD, patients going through breast cancer treatment, and high-power executives obsessed with performance. She has published 100+ peer-reviewed papers and was the co-recipient of a $1.6 mil NIH grant in 2016.  Her 2017 Tedx Talk, “What You Practice Grows Stronger,” received over 690,000 views in the first year.


A radical new vision of aging, complete with cutting-edge scientific and medical research, from the founder of the Sinclair Lab at Harvard Medical School

Why Genes Matter (and How They Don’t)
by Dr. David Sinclair
Atria Books, March 2019

Dr. David Sinclair, founder of the Sinclair Lab at Harvard Medical School, and his top-notch team of researchers, are achieving some of the biggest breakthroughs in biology of the past twenty years. They have managed, not just to slow aging in laboratory animals, but to reverse it. If the human trials underway succeed, this research could lead to an anti-aging pill as early as 2020. As this science advances and makes its way into industry, we will witness a new age of human life, one in which we can burst past historic limitations in health and performance, as well as life expectancy. We will finally have control over our own fates, the fates of our family members, and the evolution of our own species. HOW TO START AN EVOLUTION will turn our traditional notions about genetics on their head. For decades, we’ve been told that our fate was encoded in our genes, and that it was damage to our genes that aged us, opened doors to dread diseases, and eventually sent us to our graves. Sinclair demonstrates, however, that our genes, far from rigid, provide us with nearly endless possibilities. They respond to chemical signals (epigenome) that control performance, fertility, memory, weight, disease, and death. What we know now is the secret to overcoming our limitations is being unlocked not by changing our genes through adaptation, mutation, or engineering, but by harnessing the power of these chemical signals to tap into the full potential of the genes we already have. How to Start an Evolution is new science takes what we have long accepted as the limits of human potential and mortality and turns them into choices, both tantalizing and torturous.

Rights sold: China (Citic) Germany (Dumont) Korea (Bookie) The Netherlands (Het Spectrum) Spain (PRH/Grijalbo) Taiwan (Commonwealth)

Dr. David Sinclair is professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and Founding Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging at Harvard. Named by Time as one of the 100 most influential people on earth, Dr. Sinclair obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics at the University of New South Wales and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at M.I.T. with Dr. Leonard Guarente, where he co-discovered a cause of aging for yeast and rose to prominence for his pioneering work on resveratrol and sirtuins, genes that enhance performance and health.


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This enthralling ecological history is more than the story of Europe and the Europeans. It will change our understanding of life itself

A Natural History
by Tim Flannery
October 2018

Around 100 million years ago, the interaction of three continents—Asia, North America and Africa—formed the tropical island archipelago that would become the Europe of today, a place of exceptional diversity, rapid change, and high energy. Over the millennia the continent has taken in countless immigrant species and transformed them. EUROPE: A Natural History is full of surprises. Europe is where the first coral reefs were formed. It played a vital role in the evolution of our own tribe, the hominins. It was once home to some of the world’s largest elephants. While dinosaurs, crocodiles and giant sharks have come and gone, Europe’s extraordinary midwife toad has endured. When the first modern humans arrived 40,000 years ago, hybridised with the Neanderthals, they began to exert an astonishing influence on the continent’s flora and fauna. The Europeans have led the world in the great arc of human population trends, from rapid increase to stabilisation. And now, they lead the way in wildlife restoration—there are more wolves in Europe today than in the USA.

Tim Flannery has published over thirty books including the award-winning “The Future Eaters”, “The Weather Makers” and “Here on Earth” and the novel “The Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish”. In 2005 he was named Australian Humanist of the Year and in 2007 Australian of the Year. In 2007 he co-founded and was appointed Chair of the Copenhagen Climate Council. In 2011 he became Australia’s Chief Climate Commissioner, and in 2013 he founded the Australian Climate Council. His previous book is “Atmosphere of Hope: Searching for Solutions to the Climate Crisis”.


Wisdom Pub London 2018

Powerful conversations between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and leading scientists on the most pressing issue of our time

The Dalai Lama In Conversation With Leading Thinkers On Climate Change
Edited by John D. Dunne and Daniel Goleman
October 2018

Engage with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and His Holiness the Karmapa, as well as leading scientists, academics, ethicists, and activists, who all gathered in Dharamsala, India, for the twenty-third Mind and Life Conference to discuss arguably the most urgent questions facing humankind today:

  • What is happening to our planet?

  • What can we do about it?

  • How do we balance the concerns of people versus the rights of animals versus the needs of an ecosystem?

  • What is the most skillful way to enact change?

  • And how do we fight on, even when our efforts seem to bear no fruit?

John D. Dunne holds the Distinguished Chair in Contemplative Humanities, a recently endowed position in the Center for Healthy Minds and the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Daniel Goleman is a psychologist and science journalist, and a cofounder of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning.


The Buddha’s profound teachings on the four noble truths are illuminated by a Tibetan master simply and directly, so that readers gain an immediate and personal understanding of the causes and conditions that give rise to suffering as well as the spiritual life as the path to liberation

A Guide to Everyday Life
by Lama Zopa Rinpoche
July 2018

THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS begins with an excellent elucidation of the nature of the mind and its role in creating the happiness we all seek. Lama Zopa Rinpoche then turns to an in-depth analysis of the four truths. The first truth is that we are suffering because we are in cyclic existence, or samsara, the beginningless cycle of death and rebirth characterized by three types of suffering: the suffering of suffering, the suffering of change, and pervasive compounding suffering. These are not inflicted on us without cause, nor do they come from others. The second truth tells us that there is a cause for all this suffering—the delusions and karma that arise from the ignorance that fails to see the way in which things exist. Because there is a cause and because we can develop the wisdom realizing emptiness, the antidote to ignorance, we are able to actualize the third truth, the cessation of suffering. How we do that is explained in the fourth truth, the path to the cessation of suffering.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche is one of the most internationally renowned masters of Tibetan Buddhism, working and teaching ceaselessly on almost every continent. He is the spiritual director and cofounder of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) and an international network of Buddhist projects.


Happiness lies within us—but we could all use a little help finding it. In a refreshing new voice, The Fool’s Guide to Actual Happiness shows us how to feel and be better—without having to be perfect

Mark Van Buren
July 2018

Let’s face it: we all have a motivating drive to become « better. » What we have and who we are never seem to be good enough. This feeling that something is wrong or needs to be fixed causes us to continuously run around, chasing after what we feel will finally fulfill us. But what if these very conditions that we are constantly trying to escape from could be used as a way to awaken ourselves—to connect with the peace already within us? A FOOL’S GUIDE TO ACTUAL HAPPINESS offers a realistic roadmap for working towards inner peace without needing to be someone you’re not. With humor and refreshing simplicity, Van Buren shows how everything life throws at you, good or bad, can be used as a means to cultivate compassion, wisdom, and loving-kindness. This book allows readers to explore who they are—warts and all—and gives them tools to love and accept what they find.

Mark Van Buren is a Mindful Living Trainer, yoga/meditation instructor, personal trainer, and musician, that has been promoting health and wellness for over a decade. He writes articles on meditation and yoga for My Yoga Online, Gaiam TV and Elephant Journal.


Writers House London 2018

A wickedly funny interactive guide to un-repressing your emotions at work, finding constructive channels even for jealousy and anxiety, demystifying digital interactions and coworker communication styles, and ultimately allowing readers to be the same person in work and in life; a deeply researched and delightfully illustrated “why to” book about emotional fluency at work

Emotions At Work and How They Help Us Succeed
by Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy
Portfolio, January 2018

It’s no secret that how you’re feeling can affect your productivity. In recent years there has been an explosion of books and articles touting the virtues of emotional traits like confidence, flexibility, and resiliency in the workplace. But most of us are still working from an assumption that emotions at work are taboo, something to be overcome and pushed aside so we can all just focus on our jobs.That kind of attitude made sense during the height of the industrial economy—we kept our heads down, we did our work at work, we went home. But now our relationship to work is more complex. Productivity is a measure of connection, collaboration, and creativity—not widgets. And the knowledge economy workers who thrive? They listen to their instincts, communicate their emotions, and are honest about the inevitable joys and anxieties that come with a practically 24/7 career.

Authors Liz Fosslien, a data visualization specialist, and Mollie West Duffy, an IDEO organizational designer, started off their partnership by co-authoring several viral articles in Fast Company, Quartz, and Quiet Revolution, marrying serious research with a fun, lighthearted visual presentation.


A timely, eye-opening book about climate change and energy generation that focuses on the consequences of nuclear power production, from award-winning author William T. Vollmann


April 2018

In his nonfiction, William T. Vollmann has won acclaim as a singular voice tackling some of the most important issues of our age, from poverty to violence to the dark soul of American imperialism as it has played out on the U.S./Mexico border. Now, Vollmann turns to a topic that will define the generations to come–the factors and human actions that have led to global warming. Vollmann begins NO IMMEDIATE DANGER, the first volume of “Carbon Ideologies”, by examining and quantifying the many causes of climate change, from industrial manufacturing and agricultural practices to fossil fuel extraction, economic demand for electric power, and the justifiable yearning of people all over the world to live in comfort. Featuring Vollmann’s signature wide learning, sardonic wit, and encyclopedic research, NO IMMEDIATE DANGER, whose title co-opts the reassuring mantra of official Japanese energy experts, builds up a powerful, sobering picture of the ongoing nightmare of Fukushima.

June 2018

The second volume of William T. Vollmann’s epic book about the factors and human actions that have led to global warming begins in the coal fields of West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky, where “America’s best friend” is not merely a fuel, but a “heritage.” Over the course of four years Vollmann finds hollowed out towns with coal-polluted streams and acidified drinking water; makes covert visits to mountaintop removal mines; and offers documented accounts of unpaid fines for federal health and safety violations and of miners who died because their bosses cut corners to make more money. As with its predecessor, this volume seeks to understand and listen, not to lay blame–except in a few corporate and political cases where outrage is clearly due. Vollmann is a carbon burner just like the rest of us; he describes and quantifies his own power use, then looks around him, trying to explain to the future why it was that we went against scientific consensus, continually increasing the demand for electric power and insisting that we had no good alternative.

In his nonfiction, William T. Vollmann has won acclaim as a singular voice tackling some of the most important issues of our age, from poverty to violence to the dark soul of American imperialism as it has played out on the U.S./Mexico border.